How to purchase KRL with a Credit card

You can now buy KRL using a credit card (Visa/Mastercard) directly from the platform. This allows you to quickly recharge your Kryll account. This service is available through a partnership with the Indacoin payment system.

Update November 2020 : Indacoin has updated its system and you will now be offered a screen with purchase of BTC, this does not change anything and the BTC will be automatically converted into KRL and transferred automatically to your Kryll account. (see screenshot below).

1- Go to your Kryll dashboard and click on "Buy some KRL" on the top right. A popup will then open, click on "Use Indacoin" to initiate the purchase by credit card.

2- Now choose the amount (in EUR/USD/GBP) you wish to spend in KRL. Tick the "AML/KYC" box and click "next".

Note : Minimum is USD25 per transaction and maximum USD2500 per year.

3- A summary popup will show you the estimated amount of KRL you will receive.

4- Click on "Buy now" and you will then be redirected to our partner Indacoin's website to finalize the payment.

5-Once on the Indacoin website, enter your name, phone number and date of birth. Accept the terms of use and then click on "Continue".

6-Enter your credit card details (Card number, full name, valid period, CVC) and click on "Continue".

7-A robot will then call you on your number to give you a 4-digit confirmation code that you will then have to type in. Then click on "Confirm".

Note : This confirmation will be required for your first transaction only.

8-Once the payment has been made your transaction will be processed. It can take between 15 and 60 minutes for confirmation. You can then go back to Kryll or stay on this page.

9-Go to your "KRL Wallet" tab where you can follow the status of your transaction (an hourglass will indicate that it is still being processed) in the "last KRL transactions" section.

10-Once the transaction has been confirmed your KRL will be automatically credited to your account.

Note : A verification of identity (AML/KYC) may be requested by our partner Indacoin during the transaction.

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