Interview of XabierL, creator of strategies : "Kryll has changed my life"

We regularly meet users of the Kryll platform.

Today we propose you an interview of XabierL, an early user of Kryll, present in the community since the ICO in 2018 and creator of strategies since 2018 on the alpha version. He has been offering his strategies for rent on the marketplace since its release in January 2019.

It should be noted that for the past few months XabierL is one of the creators of Kryll strategies with the most number of users on the platform.

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Kryll: Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

XabierL: Hello, I'm XabierL, I'm a strategy creator on the platform. I'm from San Sebastián, Spain. Currently, I am 100% dedicated to Kryll.

How did you discover

I heard about through the Youtuber Daniel Muvdi during the ICO. I knew it was a good project but I never thought I would become a strategy creator.

How did you get the idea to publish a strategy on the Marketplace?

I started trying the marketplace the day it was released in January 2019, it seemed fun and I decided to publish my strategies on it. But I didn't consider it a job until March 2020. I have to thank Cryptoshark (Youtuber), who encouraged me to post videos on Youtube and thanks to that, my community on started to grow. So many people came to my community that I didn't have time to publish new videos, so in advance, excuse me!

What was your trading level before and after using ? (from 1 to 5)

Before using, I estimated that I had a level of 3-4 out of 5, even though I was making a profit, I was spending way too much time in front of the PC. Today I study more trading and has helped me improve and understand some technical indicators that I didn't know about.

You have created many strategies: the editor seems easy to use and powerful?

Actually, I like to create strategies. I spend a lot of time on it, but it's a job I love. It's super easy to create a strategy compared to all the bots platforms I could test, I think has a huge advantage over the others platforms.

All strategies published by XabierL on the Marketplace

Note: The strategies published by XabierL on the Marketplace are available at this address.

Today you have many users. How do you manage to federate your community?

Currently, I have two administrators in the group who help me a lot: FACU and ARIEL. At the beginning they started without earning anything, but now I try to pay them in KRL every ten days. FACU, who has just become a father, has less time, but ARIEL compensates. We have also created a new group for the English language.

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I must also thank all those who have been here longer, who also help a lot.

What has been the impact of your new editor status on your life?

Kryll has changed my professional life, I currently make a very good living. Thanks to this activity, I can travel a lot more, and I can afford luxuries that were unthinkable before.

What are your plans for the future (crypto and others)

The future is to continue with, but I also have several projects in which I would like to invest. The idea is to be able to buy hostels in which we will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies (which takes time).

What would you like to see evolve on the platform?

Especially the panel for publishers which could be even more complete. And for my users that the portfolio to have more features (for example a calculation of the KRL spent, more statistics, more info...) or allow users to add capital without having to stop the strategy or launch another one.

What advice would you give to new users?

Always the same: time and patience, the market goes up and down. When it goes up you need to gather as much as possible and when it goes down you need to lose as little as possible. This allows us to be above the HOLD in the long term and therefore to make more profits.

Thanks to you Xabier for this interview and good luck on the platform and with your projects!

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