welcomes Valentin, Machine Learning Engineer & Data Scientist

The Kryll team is expanding once again with the arrival of Valentin, who will bring his talent to bear on the development and integration of new innovative tools on the platform.

As a Machine Learning & Data Scientist engineer, he will be in charge of the integration of an interesting tool that has already been under development for several months within the team.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence , Neural Networks and Deep Learning technologies enable the cross-referencing of thousands of databases in order to generate models and forecasts.

Valentin is not a neophyte in the field of cryptocurrencies, far from it. He is an experienced trader in the field of derivative markets.

We asked Valentin a few questions:

Hello Valentin, can you quickly introduce yourself to the community?

I come from the west of the Paris suburbs and I did my graduate studies in the beautiful town of Bordeaux. I have a double degree in general engineering and innovative project management.

How did you discover the world of crypto and trading?

I discovered crypto through a friend who was passionate about Blockchain. I then started to study this technology myself during an internship at IBM Blockchain France, and I started to develop trading robots on cryptocurrencies in the same time.

How did you find out about and what made you contact us?

Being myself a strategy/bots developer, I started to be curious about these platforms in order to have a comparison on the performances of the different robots. So I attended a webinar proposed by Binance for which Kryll was one of the guests. After a tour of the platform, I found Kryll's value proposition extremely relevant. Sometimes I have pulled out a few hairs during the development and production of the robots, now Kryll is taking care of everything!

What do you think is's major asset?

As previously mentioned, the fact that you can deploy a trading strategy and no longer have to worry about the technical aspect is the main advantage of Kryll. Moreover, the ability to build strategies from blocks and then use the backtest tool makes Kryll the ideal place to create and improve bots in a simple and efficient way.

It's also a boon for non-developers to be able to use the strategies proposed by experienced traders.

When we talk about Machine Learning and AI on, what should we understand about the capabilities of such a tool and its benefits for users?

Machine Learning is a fabulous opportunity to improve the platform. It will enable a more complete user experience, offering more features to test strategies further. Don't be fooled, this is not a miracle cure that will allow everyone to know the prices in advance, but it will obviously enhance the relevance of algorithmic trading!

How do you see the future of crypto in the coming years

Cryptocurrencies is obviously the future of our economy. We are in an era where technology is developing exponentially. The CD-Rom has appeared as fast as it has disappeared. The economy is a sector that lags far behind this development, with financial institutions struggling to evolve their monolithic infrastructures and to interact seamlessly and transparently with their users. It is obvious that a cutting-edge technology such as the Blockchain applied to this sector will create a huge divide in our society, it remains to be seen how adoption will take place in the long term!

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