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Kryll³'s Agent K lands on Coin Academy!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Coin Academy, marking the first step in the evolution of Kryll³. Paving the way for an unprecedented browsing experience, Agent K is unveiled on Coin Academy through the integration of the K³ widget, offering their visitors a brand new way to consult information.

Coin Academy is thus taking a new step in its development by becoming the first crypto media to integrate AI within its platform via the revolutionary AI assistant developed by Kryll³. This collaboration demonstrates Coin Academy's desire to provide its community with ever more advanced training and popularization tools.

Coin Academy, the ultimate crypto hub

Coin Academy is a French-speaking crypto media that stands out for its both educational and enriching approach, offering its visitors informative content through regular news and high-quality educational content to guide them in discovering the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Their website is also available in English, Spanish and Russian, making their content accessible to a wider international audience.

The rich and varied content of Coin Academy allows visitors to dive into the ecosystem through detailed tutorials, stay up to date with airdrops and become eligible for them thanks to their guides, follow free courses to understand the workings of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and benefit from fundamental analyses of the most promising projects to learn more and make more informed investment choices, while now benefiting from the power of our AI-powered personal agent.

Whether you are a trader, long-term investor, or simply crypto-curious, Coin Academy offers content adapted to all profiles, and Agent K will allow you to get the most out of it.

Discover the K³ Widget, an evolving version of your new crypto companion on Coin Academy

Imagine having by your side a cryptocurrency expert who knows all the market information in real-time and is always ready to provide you with the information you need and guide you to the most relevant resources. This is exactly what Agent K, our cutting-edge AI agent powered by the artificial intelligence of the Kryll³ platform, offers you. K is your ideal ally to simplify your learning and research in the exciting but sometimes complex world of crypto.

This very first "news" brick of Agent K (which only reflects a small part of the power that will be made available to users over the versions) is currently fed every day by several hundred articles from the world's specialized press and thus has an in-depth knowledge of key industry information as well as articles published on Coin Academy. By analyzing the importance of various publications through various technologies resulting from research and development conducted by Kryll, Agent K is able to apprehend and recontextualize the latest events over several time horizons and extract their impacts.

Thus, thanks to this very first version of the K³ widget and the analysis and synthesis capabilities of Agent K, you can quickly obtain the key points and essential information you need and their explanation directly on your favorite crypto media! Need a summary of an article? K takes care of it for you. Need to understand the impact of information on the ecosystem? K explains it to you and directs you to the most appropriate resources. Need to know more about a particular subject? K explains the ins and outs to you.

This first integration marks the arrival of a true learning companion that revolutionizes the visitor experience on Coin Academy and allows them to explore the crypto universe like never before. And this is just the beginning; indeed, Agent K will evolve in capabilities, knowledge, and features throughout the summer.

Please note that the widget is currently only available on the French version of the website for the time being.

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