Metaverse Part 1: Focus on Decentraland

Definition: A metaverse is a fictitious virtual world. The term is regularly used to describe a future version of the Internet where virtual, persistent and shared spaces are accessible via 3D interaction. A different definition considers “the metaverse” as the set of virtual worlds connected to the Internet.

Facebook has made the Metaverse popular since its announcement to change its name to "META" on November 01, 2021. A couple even got married there a few days ago. The arrival of META concretizes the cyberpunk vision started two decades ago with works like “Matrix”, “Blade Runner” and more recently “Ready Player One”.

Facebook and in particular Decentraland, its crypto-friendly version, have therefore responded to the desires and fantasies of the public.

The player is teleported to a map of around 90,000 LAND, on which he can let his imagination run free as a creator or browse the various experiences offered by other users.

Decentraland is a pioneer, accessible to the public since early 2020, Decentraland is one of the first 3D Metaverse, playable from any browser and focused on crypto, Free of choice, the player is teleported to a map of around 90,000 LAND, on which he can give free rein to his imagination as a creator or browse the different experiences offered by other users.

Decentraland is to date one of the most successful crypto Metaverse and allows you to monetize its lands, play various games, participate in events, or even earn MANA tokens by participating in the active life of the gaming ecosystem.

For example, you can play poker or blackjack at the Tominoya casino (coordinates -119.134), or try your hand at “parkour” at Altcoin radio HQ (16, 99), but the experiences are not limited to simple games, you can do anything. you might as well visit the art gallery of artists recognized for their 3D creations, or even attend private and exclusive concerts at Decentraland.

Decentraland goes beyond the simple game and sees itself more as a meeting place between the different player profiles, whether you are an artist at heart, a poker lover, a fashion enthusiast or simply an explorer of virtual worlds, Decentraland will know how seduce you with the many experiences that Métavers offers and also by the number of accessories available on its marketplace.
All transactions are carried out in MANA, Decentraland's currency, ERC20 token, and the recent implementation of the Polygon network keeps transaction costs as low as possible.

In a few figures Decentraland today is:

MANA price $ 3.12
Number of tokens in circulation: 1,824,525,434
Market capitalization: 6,074,951,862.78
Number of monthly players: 300,000
More than 17,000 Events since its creation.

Discover it by yourself here: https://decentraland.org/

In the next article (January 2022) we'll discover a new Metaverse: The Sandbox

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