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77% of French people have already heard of crypto-currencies, and 8% have already invested in cryptos, whether they are crypto-currencies or NFTs. The share of French people owning cryptos is therefore now higher than the share of French people owning shares of their own (6.7% according to the AMF).
See you today for an overview of the French Blockchain/Crypto Projects.


Let's start with Ternoa. It is a blockchain allowing the transmission of information and / or data over time through the concept of NFTs.

Created by the French company Capsule Corp, and more precisely by Michael CANU, Ternoa has several projects, but the most important and the one that interests us today is the one of time capsules. Indeed, Ternoa aims to allow users to create a time capsule that is sent according to defined conditions.

CAPS is the token of the Ternoa blockchain. Its main use is to pay the transaction fees necessary to issue a time capsule, and it also plays a role in the creation of NFTs, encryption, storage and securing of data over time.

Finally, it is obviously a tool for speculation around the project.

Today, there are 5 distinct forms of use of Ternoa NFTs:

- Safe protocol: data storage capsule recoverable at any time.
- D-day protocol: the issuer determines in advance the opening date of the capsule.
- Consent protocol: the owner of the capsule must make a request to the issuer to open it.
- Death protocol: the capsule opens after the death of its creator.
- Countdown protocol: the capsule opens at the end of a countdown.

Ternoa was again put on the front of the stage at the beginning of 2022, with the launch of its launchpad on January 20th 2022.


Ledger needs no introduction, the startup designs and manages crypto asset wallets. Its flagship product? The Ledger Nano, a digital wallet in the form of an ultra-secure USB key, which stores the crypto-currencies of individuals.

The company also offers solutions for businesses. Since its inception in 2014, the company has sold three million of its products, mainly abroad (190 countries). Ledger claims to secure about 15% of all cryptocurrency assets worldwide.

A collaboration of three other startups, The Bitcoin House, ChronoCoin and BTChip. The company's co-founder, Eric Larchevêque, handed over the reins of CEO to Pascal Gauthier in 2019 to become chairman of the board, and then, in December 2020, a simple member.

This year Ledger will be making another big splash, with the launch of its card named "CL" ("Crypto Life"). With each transaction, the platform will convert digital assets into euros, dollars or other traditional currencies.


Startup that was born in 2019, thanks in particular, to the intervention of some renowned investors such as Xavier Niel, as well as the footballers André Schürrle, Antoine Griezmann, Gerard Piqué or the founder of the site Reddit, Alexis Ohanian.

It was in 2021 that the French company became known to the general public, it succeeded in the largest fundraising in the history of French Tech with nearly 600 Million (580 million euros).
To put this figure in perspective, BlaBlaCar had succeeded in 2015, a fundraising at 177 million euros. More recently, it was Meero and Contentsquare (408 million euros raised in May 2021) that held the previous records.

Thanks to this valuation, Sorare is now worth nearly 4.3 billion dollars.
The company has become the first in the club of unicorns, French companies worth more than a billion dollars that are not listed on the stock market.


Founded in 2017 by financial enthusiasts, initially raised €2.5 million from private investors. Once this goal was reached, the team launched the pre-sale of their tokens to private investors, business angels and investment funds. This pre-sale allowed them to raise 7 million euros. the fintech created by Automata Group merges innovative investment tools so that their customers can live a richer life with the money that never stops working for them. wants to transform the financial world with innovative technologies so that every user can earn daily interest through digital investments, invest automatically with smart algorithms, make split investments with your phone and pay directly with the money invested and all this through a single mobile application.

XSL Labs

XSL Labs is a project whose mission is to fight against all attempts to steal users' data.

It offers secure solutions that protect all their personal information:

  • Decentralizes the storage of the data it is responsible for.
  • Makes data inaccessible by placing it on a blockchain.
  • Encrypts the information so that it can only be used by authorized users.

XSL Labs is a project that has come to solve the thorny problem of the security of data exchanged on the Web.

It is a step that cannot be bypassed, which is why it is necessary to take the necessary measures to gain efficiency, security and time.


Created in 2018 by Lucas BENEVOLO, is a French platform for creating and automating trading strategies.
With just a few clicks, you can create an automated trading strategy according to your needs and without requiring the slightest knowledge of programming!

"In a very simple way, brings you a solution that was once reserved for the elite programmers.

Want to automatically sell your $BTC as soon as the RSI is above 80? Or you want to buy $ETH as soon as it loses 7% in 24 hours?, allows you to accumulate an unlimited number of indicators and automate your trades without having to stay behind a screen 24/7.

Thanks to the connection to your exchanges by API key, key proposed by the majority of exchanges, you can manage all your portfolios from a single platform,, and take full advantage of all the services offered by the platform! also allows you to backtest your strategy, i.e. estimate your performance in the past. Perfect to train with various indicators before launching yourself on the market.

The Marketplace will allow you to rent the strategies of other users and conversely, to monetize your own strategies!

The $KRL, the platform's native token, plays a central role within the platform: the gasoline.

You want to run one of your automated strategies or rent a strategy on the Marketplace? You'll need $KRL.

The $KRL token is available for purchase on various CEX and DEX such as Coinbase, Kucoin, Bybit, Gate, Uniswap, etc.

Finally, to celebrate its 4th anniversary,, is offering all new registrants on the platform $7 in $KRL to test it for free.

Click directly on the banner below to receive your 7$ in KRL.

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