Coinbase obtains VASP registration in France

Kryll, the advanced platform for creating trading bots, celebrates Coinbase's PSAN registration in France, a key milestone issued by the AMF (Financial Markets Authority). This step enables Kryll to fully integrate the services of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Coinbase, offering its French users a wide selection of automated trading bots created by the community.

This latest approval enables Coinbase to expand its offering in France, now offering services such as secure custody of digital assets, exchange of crypto currencies for other crypto currencies, as well as a dedicated crypto trading platform and the use of API keys to automate trading with third-party platforms such as Kryll.

French Coinbase users will continue to be able to take advantage of these features of the Kryll platform through API:

  • Launch a strategy from the Marketplace
  • Launch their own strategies created from the Strategy Editor
  • Trading manually from the Trading Terminal and its options panel
  • Use the Swap function to exchange their cryptocurrencies quickly without having to log in to Coinbase

Rising demand in France

According to a Toluna study in September 2023, demand for digital assets is on the rise in France. This integration therefore comes at an opportune time, when interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow. Kryll and Coinbase, perfectly aligned with this rising trend, stand out as an effective response to this growing demand, providing a platform enriched with quality services for their customers.


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