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Unlock the Potential of Your Trades: The Kryll & KuCoin New Year Campaign

Ring in 2024 with Advanced Trading Technologies and Exciting Rewards with Kryll and KuCoin

Dear Kryll Community,

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome a new one full of possibilities, we at Kryll are thrilled to announce our exclusive New Year Campaign in collaboration with KuCoin! This celebration marks not just the beginning of another year but also the success of our innovative automated trading platform on KuCoin Spot & Futures. Our commitment to providing you with sophisticated, user-centric trading tools continues to grow, and what better way to celebrate than by offering you a chance to win big!

Kryll x KuCoin Exclusive New Year Campaign!

KuCoin VIP Vouchers, USDT and KRL to win by trading on KuCoin through Kryll!

For every 2,500 USDT of trading volume, earn a chance to win VIP vouchers, USDT, and our very own KRL tokens!

How to participate and win?

  • Trade and Earn: Simply engage in trading on KuCoin using Kryll's advanced tools, and for every $2,500 in trading volume, you earn a ticket to the Lucky Draw. These tickets can be used on the KuCoin Campaign Page.
  • All Kryll Products Count: Whether you are executing trades using community-developed strategies from our Marketplace, implementing your personal strategies built with the Kryll Editor, or trading manually through our Trading Terminal, all trading activities that generate volume through Kryll on KuCoin will count towards the Lucky Draw.
  • Eligibility: The campaign is open to all KuCoin users who trade through Kryll. Make sure your volume is generated with Kryll on KuCoin to qualify for the draw.
  • Event Duration: This event runs from 22 December 8am UTC to 23 January 8am UTC
Kryll x KuCoin Exclusive New Year Campaign!

Why use Kryll to trade on KuCoin?

  • Custom Trading Bot Creation: With Kryll's intuitive no-code editor, you have the power to create your own custom trading strategies. This feature is designed for traders who wish to tailor their approach to the market's unique demands.
  • Community Strategy Marketplace: For those who prefer not to design their own strategies, Kryll offers access to a marketplace where you can rent pre-built strategies crafted by the Kryll community. This allows you to benefit from the collective expertise of seasoned traders.
  • Advanced Automation: Kryll's sophisticated automation tools enable you to implement complex trading strategies on KuCoin with ease. This advanced technology ensures your trading plans are executed precisely as intended.
  • Emotion-Free Trading: By using Kryll, you remove the emotional aspect of trading, a common obstacle to success. The platform's automated systems operate without bias, allowing for objective decision-making.
  • Efficiency and Edge: Kryll not only offers efficiency by saving you time and effort but also provides an edge over manual trading. With Kryll, you're leveraging technology to enhance your trading potential on KuCoin.
Kryll x KuCoin Exclusive New Year Campaign!

How do you add your KuCoin API key to your Kryll account?

Click here to follow our tutorial and add your KuCoin API key to Kryll in just a few steps!

How to add KuCoin API key tutorial

Join us as we embark on a journey through 2024 with a spirit of prosperity and success

Let's make this New Year a milestone of profitable trades and joyous celebrations.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year filled with good health, happiness, and successful trading!

Warm regards,

The Kryll Team


Happy Trading,

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