How to buy KRL with a Visa card on

Buying KRL (Kryll) tokens with a Visa card is very simple on the Liquid exchange.

Note: To benefit from this feature you must already have a verified account on Liquid. If you don't have one yet you can register here and enjoy a 10% discount on trading fees for 1 month.

Buying KRL with a Visa card on Liquid is very simple. We will detail the few steps in this tutorial below:

1- Go to Buy/Swap section on Liquid and choose "Buy Visa" tab. Indicate the desired amount you want to spend in KRL (EUR/USD/CHF/CAD/GBP etc...)

2-Fill in the requested information (Name, email, phone, address, card number). And click on the "Pay" button.

Note: A verification of your bank by SMS (Verified by Visa) can be requested after this step.

3- That's it, the purchase is confirmed and your KRL tokens will be instantly credited to your Liquid account.

Your KRL tokens are now available on your Liquid account in the "Balances" section.

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