How to read and understand your Backtest results

Understanding is the key

A good understanding of the result is mandatory to fine tune your strategy.

Buy&Hold Vs Your awesome strategy

The results performances are always compared to Buy&Hold. This mean that your strategy results are compared to a date where you would have bought 100% of your traded currency and waited until the end of the backtest period. This way you can easily know if your strategy is better than a Buy&Hold attitude. The Numbers in the left columns are for Buy&Hold and the numbers on the right column is your strategy results.

This is the number of trades made on the exchange. This is a good way to have an idea of how much your exchange will charge you in fees, a lot of trade is not always a good thing.

This is the initial capital of your strategy. Both B&H and your strategy start with the same amount for an optimum comparison.

Everything have an end… This is the state of your strategy wallet (exchange fees taken into account). When you click on the “+” you’ll display the detail of your assets (ie: BNB and USDT) as you strategy may have not sold/buy all your traded currency, it can be splitted between your traded pair.

Here you will find the raw results of your strategy. in our example if you had Hodl you would have lost -8.6% of your initial capital (-86 USDT) while your awesome strategy have performed about +27%! (+270 USDT).

Maybe the most important numbers to check. These numbers are calculated on the difference between Buy&Hold final wallet and your strategy final wallet. 
ie: 1,270.32 - 913.45 = +356.87 USDT which is +35.687% profits. Congrats!

My results are green but I’m loosing money, why ?

This mean your strategy would have won against a Buy&Hold . In this case you would have lost -24.5795 USDT with your strategy but you would have lost more by holding your funds -58.351 USDT.

What do colours represent?

The colors represent the status of the wallet in relation to the buy and hold.

- Green: your performance is better than Buy & Hold and it is positive
- Orange: your performance is worse than buy and hold but remains positive
- Red: your performance is worse than buy & hold

performance is better than Buy & Hold and it is positive
performance is worse than buy and hold but remains positive
your performance is worse than buy & hold

It’s your turn now !

Now we are counting on you to make the best strategies ever ! Don’t hesitate to send your screenshots on the discord chat, or the telegram chat !

Happy Trading!

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