How to trade KRL on IDEX

Hello and welcome to this new tutorial on how to trade KRL on IDEX.

First of all, IDEX is a decentralized exchange so you won’t need any account, however you will need to use MetaMask or Mist to use it. For this tutorial I will use MetaMask.

Now let’s get started !

Let’s add our KRL token to Metamask by searching for "Kryll" in the right column.

  • Now you can see your KRL tokens, it should look like this :
  • Click on Deposit on the KRL line to add KRL to your IDEX wallet (You can also deposit ETH if you want to buy more KRL 😉) :
  • Now just choose how many KRL you want to send from your wallet to your IDEX wallet :
  • Submit the transaction via Metamask after verifying that it’s ok. (2 transactions will need to be submitted for one deposit):
  • Wait for your transaction to be confirmed and you’ve just deposited some KRL on IDEX !

Now let’s trade !

  • Fill in the price (it will automatically use the market price if you go straight to the step 2 of this tutorial) :
  • Fill in how many KRL you want to sell (or buy 😏) :

You’ve just placed an order to buy/sell KRL ! If your order is accepted by someone then you will be credited !

To withdraw, just do the exact same thing when you deposited, but click on withdraw.

Thank you for your attention and happy trading!

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