MVP is live! — Test the platform now

We are very pleased to introduce the first MVP (minimum viable product) initially planned for release at the end of March but since the community wanted to test the platform as soon as possible, we provided!

So here we are! Thanks to our developers for their incredible work! MVP in details :


Here you will be able to monitor your running strategies, edit them or refill the ones out of gas, start your favorite ones or take a look at the trending user generated strategies. Then, you can try and edit a strategy.


You are here at the core of the strategy editor. This version is an MVP so we provide you with a prepared read-only strategy.

Of course the future version will allow you to add new blocks or create a full strategy, but for now you’re able to move some blocks here and change some default values for our pre-built strategies.

When you want to switch to the “backtesting” view, clic on the upper-right selector.


This is the Backtesting mode. This is a very powerful tool to benchmark your strategy on actual market data.

We have integrated in the MVP only some pairs for now but we’ll add some more iteratively.

So you are able here to select an exchange, a pair and a period on which to start your strategy.

You will obtain a report on your strategy efficiency. You will also be able to look in details how each single action performs by simply zooming on the graph.

So you can follow with precision each action of the flow execution. This will be the first step before starting your strategy live-simulation and then go live-trading.

These options will be available in the next development steps.

Strategies lab

Here we are on your strategy library. Here you will be able to monitor your running strategies, to refill the ones that are out of gas, to edit some, to start some strategies or to tag your favorites.

Keep in mind this is an MVP, not a full version.


This will be the place to be… The marketplace!

After having created a amazing strategy, you’ll be able to rent it out and get rewards from the community.

Strategies featured on the marketplace will be rated by the community and will be ranked continuously. So if you want to enter the competition with your strategies.

Kryll wallet

Here we are on your future personal Kryll wallet.

Where you’ll be able to deposit or withdraw KRLs tokens.

Kryll community

Here you will be able to discuss with us and the community, share your investment ideas, your lessons learned, lend your strategy to someone or rent another user’s strategy.

Because trading together will make us smarter…

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