How to trade KRL on LIQUID

Trading on Liquid is easy, here’s a tutorial

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With the release of the platform, you might want to buy some KRL to be able to live trade and start enjoying your new life!

To understand this tutorial you need to have signed up and completed the KYC of

Now that you are all set with your brand new account, you can deposit funds.


Go to and click on wallet.

You should be welcomed with this page :

Now click on Deposit and choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit (in our case ETH)

Copy the address that is shown and send ETH from your own wallet to the address that you just copied.
When the transaction is approved, you should be able to see your newly deposited coins in the Balances tab.


Now that you have your coins, you can start trading on Liquid ! Go to and look up for KRL.

Choose the pair you want to trade KRL with, and you should land on this webpage

Now you can either buy limit or buy market.

Buy limit means that you will place an order at a certain price. This order will be filled whenever enough KRL has been sold at the price you put.

Buy limit

Buy market means that you will place a dynamic order that will buy all the KRL you want to buy no matter if the price goes up. For example, let’s check the screenshot above. If you want to buy 5000 KRL at market price, the price will rise to 0.00036489 because there are not enough KRL at 0.00036449.

Now that you have traded, you should see your newly acquired KRL on

If you want to withdraw your tokens to to take advantage of the staking edition, please go to or go to wallet, and then withdrawals.

Then click on Get started

Go to and go to the deposit section (KRL wallet).

Your KRL address will be used for deposit

Copy the address and paste it to the corresponding field on Liquid. Enter your 2FA and finally, click on Add KRL address.

You will then be asked to validate the address by entering a token you just received on your email address. Enter it and then you will be sent to this page:

Choose the amount you want to withdraw, choose the address you want to deposit the KRL to (the one from the previous steps on, enter your 2FA and click on Confirm.

For maximum security, on withdrawals are made from a cold wallet once or twice a day, so you will have to wait until your batch is processed to receive your KRL (usually less than 24 hours).


Congratulations! You can now use staking edition!

Happy Trading!

See you on the platform ❤

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