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How to update your Binance API key

It may sometimes be necessary to update your Binance API key, especially for keys created after July 8, 2021. These keys are then subject to a 90 days validity period.

After 90 days the keys will be set to "read only" and the order placement on the Kryll platform will not be possible anymore, we will see how to update your Binance API key, it's very simple.

GOAL: Renew your Binance API for an additional 90 days

How to update your Binance API key

Duration of the process: 3 minutes

1- First you have to go to the API section on Binance

Go to API Management

2- Choose in the list the API key used on Kryll that you want to update and click on "edit restrictions"

Tips : Leave your mouse cursor on "Enable spot" to get the expiration date of your API key

3- Uncheck "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" and click "Save", leave IP restrictions at "Unrestricted

4- Validate the operation with your 2FA code (two-factor authentication)

5- Click again on "Change restrictions" and check again "Enable Spot & Margin trading", leave the IP restrictions at "Unrestricted"

6- Click again on "Save", enter your 2FA code and you will get a popup (click OK)

Your Binance API key is now active for another 90 days.

Discover Binance by clicking the link after : HERE

Happy trading !

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