Info Block

Info Block - This block allows you to display a custom message in the log console.

Block configuration

In the block settings you can select the message and the information to be displayed in the policy logs, as well as the authorization level to view the message.

Example of using an "Info" block
Result in strategy logs (or backtest)

This block is particularly useful when you are developing your strategy to find your way around and to leave messages to the users of the live strategy, for example while waiting for a signal or if it is the right time to restart a strategy after taking a profit.

However, it is also extremely useful when you are developing your strategy. The "developer" mode has been designed for this purpose.

Developer Mode

To activate the developer mode, simply check the "developer only" option to display the blog logs information to you only (the Bot developer).

Info block with the "list used variables" option

In this developer mode, you can request a list of the custom variables that have been used in your strategy so far, along with the current value of each. To do this, activate the "List used variables" option.

List of used variables and their values

How to use it

Use and abuse the Info block from the beginning in your strategies. Indeed, it is always more complicated to do it afterwards. You will gain a lot in readability. You will be able to easily come back to your projects even after a few breaks for example.

For Publishers (or those aspiring to be) of trading strategies on the Marketplace, users will thank you for having as much information as possible, such as during the waiting phases of your strategies. Understanding a strategy allows one to be patient with it.

Tip: You can even divert the Info block (by not connecting it in the flow) to comment on certain routines of your strategies for even more readability in your creations.

Quickly visualize your routines thanks to orphan Info blocks

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