Meet the team : Jordan, Back-end Developer/Expert

To meet the growing needs, accelerate innovation and strengthen the marketing strategy, the Kryll team is recruiting new players in all positions to beef up its game!

I will touch a little bit everything in the infrastructure to the platform to bring even more stability and innovation!

Hi Jordan, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I'm better known as Neferett in the IT world, I founded at 11 years old one of the biggest Minecraft server in Europe gathering more than 3 millions of unique players during almost 7 years (2011-2018), this experience fed me in the world of managing a project; from creation to realization.

So, I decided to continue in this field by entering at Epitech school to do a Master in Expertise of new technologies, I worked in parallel throughout my schooling starting with Hotel-Optimize, an hotel company accounting (2016-2019), then I went to United Kingdom to do a double master in cybersecurity where I also worked in parallel to my studies as a consultant in Cyber Security and Developer for PriVELT (2019-2021).

Back in France because of Covid and not being able to continue to be full time in England because of immigration rules, I joined a company doing streaming (VOD, sVOD, IPTV) (2020-2021). And finally I found my way to Kryll in the first days of 2022...

Did you know Kryll before you arrived?

I knew Kryll since I am the developer of CryptoFanta a big trading learning platform in France (~1000 VIP on the service) and so many of our users already use Kryll.

What will you bring to Kryll on a professional and human level?

I think that thanks to the skills I have acquired since I was young, I can bring a precious help in the development of the Kryll platform; develop new features, fix existing or future problems and optimize the platform in general (strategy execution, infrastructure, backtest...). I will touch a little bit everything in the infrastructure of the platform to bring even more stability and innovation!

Thanks Jordan and welcome to the team!

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