Kryll Changelog - Monthly Progress Report April 2022 + Metrics

At this month of April has been very busy starting with our presence at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), an event in which the teams made a remarkable entrance with our purple and yellow outfits that you couldn't miss.

On the 2nd of April our new partners at, listed the Kryll token (KRL) which is now available on the platform (SPOT) and will soon be available on the mobile application on the KRL/USDT pair.

Discover the platform by clicking on the link below: HERE

And as usual we will be live on Twitch (in French only for the moment) every other Friday at 5pm. The replay of the Lives will also be available on YouTube.

Find the replays of our Lives directly : HERE

Don't forget our welcome bonus, where new users can still get $7 worth of KRL tokens free and start using the platform right away.

Here's a quick review and recap of the latest developments for

Changelog - April 2022

  • Bug fix on the mobile application
  • was present at the PBWS (Paris Blockchain Week Summit)
  • Listing of KRL on Crypto.Com

Upcoming events

  • New Features on the mobile application
  • Release of Kryll Engine V2 (Kev2)
  • Marketplace V2 made available to the Users Focus Group

The "Metrics"

As usual, here is the report with supporting figures on our growth for April 2022:

Feel free to join us on our Telegram groups to share your opinions and feedback on these new features and developments.

Thank you to our community, publishers and beta testers for helping us improve the platform and bring you the future of trading.

Happy Trading,

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