Kryll - Codename Phoenix Day 1

Hello to all,

As you certainly know, the last few weeks have been dazzling in the progression of the volume generated by the platform. This success has created such a craze that thousands of new users have rushed to the strategies of the moment (Maya, Gaia, Gekko, Ari, Moonlight etc.).
Despite all our efforts, the platform could not meet the demand.

We have chosen transparency and we will communicate day after day on the situation, for now, our team is already working on the new architecture of the platform to offer you an ultra high performance product.

Genesis Kryll, the project, the ambitions was born from a need of the team to automate the purchases/sales, already in 2017 we had small robots that helped us to place orders on the exchanges. The work was tedious because we had to constantly reprogram our trading bots and reinvent the wheel each time, all in a very geeky environment (lines of code).

After careful consideration we decided to create a tool that was both easy to use by removing the code but also allowing an infinite number of combinations without having to rewrite everything. After the basics were laid, we realized that we could make it available to other traders and even allow them to monetize their own strategies.

Kryll was born!

3 years later

Every startup has a turning point, usually after 2 to 3 years, and that's where we are. As if a sign had been sent to us, 3 years later almost to the day (February 7th) the platform was recording its highest peak load ever and couldn't keep up with the load. During these 3 years the platform has seen constant improvements, new tools, architecture updates, an ever growing and listening community. We are very proud of how far we have come and we know that there is still a long way to go.

Operation Phoenix - What's Next

Following the dazzling success of the last few days, the platform simply could not hold its own despite all the countermeasures put in place. The Phoenix operation consists in acting quickly on the overload problem encountered by the platform in recent times.

Means implemented

The entire Kryll team was mobilized to quickly resolve the problem. As in our previous missions (see ICO articles), we decided to isolate ourselves in a house and work hard day and night until we reached our objectives, namely:
- The reactivation of the strategies
- The scalability of the platform pushed to factors x10 minimum
- Improvement of the Backtests (speed).

Our teams are already working on the solution and we expect a return to normal during the week of February 15th.

Daily report

Each day will give rise to a detailed report in which we will explain the progress of the measures put in place, the scalability tests of the new infrastructure. This report will be in video form where a member of the team will explain his function within the mission and its progress, a written report will also be available on the blog.

Don't hesitate to visit our official channels to get information in real time.


We are implementing the necessary means to have the strategies up and running by next week. We warmly thank the community for their empathy and support. We would also like to thank the publishers who are doing a great job and the Super Kryllians who are very supportive.


Every day you can win KRLs, for today's contest go to the following form:

See you tonight,
the team.

Note: Beware of spammers and other scammers. Under no circumstances will a member of the Kryll team contact you to offer private support for money. Support is free and the strategies will not be released until the week of February 15th.

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