Kryll : List of free strategies you can use

The Platform Marketplace offers more than 180+ automated trading strategies (or bots) for crypto trading. Most of these strategies include fees that are paid to the strategy creator. However, many strategies can be used free of charge* because :

  • The publisher of the strategy does not want to charge a fee.
  • The strategy is proposed by the Kryll team and is free of charge*.

Here is a list of strategies that can be used for free* from the Kryll Marketplace.

Strategies using KRL/BTC and KRL/ETH pairs are not charged (no Kryll or publisher fees!).

Don't forget to backtest your strategies on the periods of your choice before using them.

*Strategies can be used without publisher fees. Kryll fees (1% of the capital committed on the platform) and the exchange fees are still charged.

Important: This is not investment advice but only a list of the free strategies available on the marketplace.

KRYLL ACADEMY #3 - GRID TRADING 7 by Kryll Academy

Example of a 14-stage grid trading strategy on PIVX/BTC between March and April 2020. This strategy is similar to the one presented at the Kryll Academy #3 - "How to do Grid Trading using Kryll" whose video can be accessed here

Open-source strategy given for educational purposes. It's up to you to clone it and adapt it to your needs! Perfect for free grid trading.

Exists with different levels of Grid trading.

Note: This strategy is open source and can be modified.

FRANKY FREE KRL by Icecube42

Free strategy because it works on KRL/BTC and KRL/ETH pairs. Allows to accumulate BTC or ETH.

Note: Strategies running on KRL pairs on HitBTC or Liquid are not billed on Kryll.


This strategy is a good example of trading in a heterogeneous market. It exploits golden and dead crosses between a fast EMA 5 and slow SMAs (100 & 200) to detect long term entry points. Now with a full support of the custom wallet feature !

Efficient on rather volatile pairs like ETH/USDT, ETC/USDT, BNB/USDT, LTC/USDT, etc...

Feel free to pickup, clone, and tune for your coins or targets.


The EVO strategy aims to make exponential purchases in stages during the various price decreases. It will wait for a small recovery to resell the 100% and will therefore generate small profits. This principle is repeated over and over again to achieve very good profits in the end.

Suggested pairs : LTC / BNB, LINK / ETH


This strategy uses a mix of technical indicators such as MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands to identify good short term entry points. In a bearish or unstable market it tries to position itself on small rebounds to accumulate small profits or relax the position after two days.

Relatively generic strategy, has good results on BTC-USD, BNB-USD and features a smart temporal stop-loss to free itself from an uncomfortable position.

Feel free to pickup, clone, study, and tune for your coins or targets.

Note: This strategy is open source and can be modified.


This free strategy is intended for trading on the KRL-ETH pair on Liquid or Hitbtc exchanges. In this new version (V12), its market entry has been improved and the minimum buy/sell operations are 10%.

Also available on the KRL-BTC pair

Note pair: Strategies running on KRL pairs on HitBTC or Liquid are not billed on Kryll.


KRYLLTONATOR is a strategy designed in the current market, it aims to accumulate KRL thanks to the savings piggy, based on technical analysis indicators such as EMAs, Bollingerband, supports-resistors and price action.

Note pair: Strategies running on KRL pairs on HitBTC or Liquid are not billed on Kryll.

BTC PONG by Kryll

Functional whatever the configuration of your starting wallet thanks to the balance block, this strategy uses the "Range trigger" block to analyze the highest highs and lowest lows over 7 sliding days, and match them with market trends using short 2h/4h moving averages to identify good entry and exit points on the Bitcoin.

Especially efficient in range periods.
Can be started with full BTC, full USDx or custom wallets !

Note: This strategy is not ready to use, you must duplicate it on your account and modify the values in the price block.

1551% by CryptoMat

This strategy is less safe than "Waiting Bulls" but keep the exactly same components, blocks. I am just using MA crossing, support and resistance testing, thershold, RSI, Bollinger bands.

Suggested pairs: BTC / USD, BTC / GUSD, BTC / USDC, BTC / USDS, BTC / USDT


This strategy allows Bitcoin to accumulate when it is in a tidy situation.

Note: This strategy is not ready to use, you must duplicate it on your account and modify the values in the price block.


Grid trading strategy on the XRP-USDT pair.


LIFE IS TOO SHORT is a bot developed specifically for the BTC / USDT pair on Binance.
This bot has been designed to trade on a minimum of 3 confirmations. It has its SETUP on confirmations and will not deviate from it. The bot works for both Bullish and Bearish markets.

On Bull Market, he will try to exit as late as possible and can hold a trade open for several days.
On the bear market, it will invest by step by accumulating more and more BTC.

Average frequency of trading: 1 day out of 3.
But the strategy may not start a trade over longer periods (see backtests)

The accumulation mode can lead to significant drowdown over short periods of time.

This Bot works on confirmation, it will not be able to buy every time at the lowest, nor sell at the highest, but will constantly seek confirmations for its SETUP in order to maximize the gains in the medium / long term.


Bearish strategies are trading methods that aim to position themselves optimally on assets whose prices fall and sell them profitably during market rebounds. If all the elements are in place, this type of approach can be extremely profitable for the trader.

This strategy is built on a "Pyramidal Trading" behavior: it consists in identifying a possible bottom of a downside market and consolidating its position on the asset side. In case of a market rebound, the strategy will sell with profits, in case of a new fall it consolidates its position on the next level of resistance.

Optimized for BTC/USD trading, 1 or 2 transactions per month expected.

Suggested pairs : BTC / USDT, BTC / PAX, BTC / USDC, BTC / USD, BTC / EUR


A simple strategy that consists of immediately buying a crypto and then selling it once the price has increased by 2%. No loops or stop losses.

Feel free to duplicate this strategy and improve it according to your needs.

IOTAR 3 by Bartosak

Strategy operating on IOTA/BTC and IOAT/USDT pairs.

Top features:
* Over 120+ blocks !
* 8 entry points with three different categories
* 15+ exit strategies grouped on in 3 groups
* 30+ Technical Indicators in 5M and 15 M candles

Note: This strategy is open source and can be modified.


This strategy is one of the many you can build in without actually trading.
Indeed helps you create your own notifications.

This strategy will send you an email whenever a 4h EMA 40 crosses upward a 4H EMA 200, a 4H EMA 40 crosses downwards a 4H EMA 200 or when the volume goes up by at least 400% compared to the last 2 hours. It then waits for another of those signals to send you a new email.

This strategy is used to be notified of a "change of direction" of a coin.

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