Diary — Episode #5

Kryll Economy, Staking Edition, MA blocks and more…

Dear community,

The last few weeks have been very intense for Kryll. The launch of the Staking Edition was a huge success. To thank the community for their support we have also decided to extend the free version of the platform to the public version in January 2019.

Kryll Economy : Public Version, Holding Program & Pricing

We have unveiled the future major milestones for Kryll. First of all the platform will remain free of cost until the release of the Public Version that is planned for January 2019. It will include the much awaited Marketplace. Therefore the Staking Edition is extended until the same date.

A new Holding Program will be introduced. Holding KRL on the platform will be rewarded with many benefits, all you have to do is keep them in your Kryll account to automatically activate these benefits :

Holding Program, fit to every cases

Future pricing of the Kryll platform was also unveiled :

Kryll Economy:
Fixed price per slot (live or live simulation) 0.15$ per day (Charged in KRL) + each trade will carry a standard fee of 0.25% per trade (Charged in KRL)

If you want more information about the Kryll Economy you can read this article.

Staking Edition

The Staking Edition was launched at the beginning of last month and allowed those who couldn’t invest in the ICO to be able to use the platform.

Staking Edition is extended until the launch of the Public Version in January 2019. How to become a Kryll Staker.

Moving Average Blocks

One month ago the Moving Average blocks were released. It is one of the most commonly used indicators by traders.

Bittrex Exchange Now Supported on Kryll

Bittrex was the second exchange supported on Kryll after Binance. Backtest data was recently extended from March, 2017 until now. More data mean more accurate backtests !

If you want to add your Bittrex API key on Kryll, follow this guide : How to add your Bittrex API key to your dashboard

Kryll in Spanish Language

The Spanish-speaking community of Kryll is growing day after day and we have decided to add Spanish support on the platform. Thanks to the community!

Kryll Video Tutorial Contest

Kryll video tutorial contest is running until November 30th, 2018. You know how to use the platform? Show your knowledge, unleash your creativity! 5000 KRL to win! Here are the detailed rules


Few weeks ago we made a survey to probe the community and got some interesting informations, here are a few of them.

If Kryll was a 100 people village


A lot of achievements these last weeks too. But we are not done for this year yet ! We are planning many nice updates before Christmas. 
Santa-Claus is sticking around!

Stay Tuned and Happy Trading!

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