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Backtest Kryll Marketplace Trading Bots Across Multiple Cryptos at the Same Time!

We are delighted to announce a significant enhancement to our MultiBacktest functionality! Previously limited to personal trading strategies, this feature is now accessible for Marketplace strategies. This implies that you can now test multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously, not just with your own strategies, but also with the strategies proposed by our community of traders on the Marketplace!

A look back at MultiBT

As a reminder, we introduced the MultiBacktest feature in May 2023, allowing users to simultaneously backtest their trading bots on a wide range of cryptocurrencies. This tool has proven to be a valuable time-saver for our users, enabling them to quickly explore the capabilities of their trading strategies on new pairs with just a few clicks! Until now, MultiBacktest was only available for personal strategies created using the editor. However, we recognized the potential to expand trading possibilities even further by integrating this functionality into the Marketplace.

Exploit the full potential of Marketplace strategies

With this update, you can now perform backtests on multiple cryptocurrencies using the strategies available on the Marketplace. Just like with the Kryll editor, you can launch a MultiBacktest by accessing the editor with your preferred strategy and clicking on the 'MultiBT' button located next to the standard backtest button. Once your MultiBacktest session is complete, you can observe the percentage performance of each pair and access their backtests directly to explore their behavior. This feature allows you to gain a better understanding of the strategy's performance on each pair and choose the most suitable pairs for live trading.

How to launch a MultiBT on a trading bot from the Kryll Marketplace?

To launch a MultiBT on a Marketplace trading bot, go to the Marketplace and click on the strategy of your choice:

Then click on the "Backtest" button to access the various backtesting functions:

Click on the "MultiBT" button next to the standard backtest button. Configure your backtest parameters and launch your first MultiBT!

How can I track the progress of my MultiBTs?

Once you have completed your MultiBacktest session, you can view the percentage performance of each pair and access their backtests by clicking on the slider on the right.

This opens the editor and allows you to explore the behaviour of the strategy directly.

Miscellaneous questions about the MultiBT in the Marketplace

What are the advantages of extending MultiBT to the Marketplace?

The extension of MultiBacktest to the Marketplace offers increased flexibility and greater trading opportunities to our users. You can now backtest multiple cryptocurrencies using the strategies available on the Marketplace. This allows you to save valuable time by simultaneously testing different strategies on a wide range of cryptocurrencies and potentially discover some rare gems.

Is the cost of MultiBacktest on the Marketplace the same as on the Kryll publisher?

Yes, the cost of MultiBacktest remains the same, whether you use it for a personal strategy or on the Marketplace. It is charged per use, at a rate of $0.05 per backtest.

We are committed to providing our community with the best features to maximize the potential of your automated trading bots. We are confident that this MultiBacktest update will greatly enhance your experience on our platform and with your trading bots.

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