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Kryll Mobile App update!

The Kryll.io team is proud to announce the release of version 2.3.5 of the Kryll Mobile App.

Download the Kryll Mobile App on the App Store
Download the Kryll Mobile App on the Play Store

New possibilities offered...

In terms of features brought by this new version, you will find :

  • Marketplace integration
    It is now possible to browse all the strategies of the Kryll.io Marketplace. Find and launch your favorite strategies from anywhere.

  • Switch easily between platforms

It is now possible to switch easily from one platform to another with a single button.

  • Find the news of Kryll's blog

You can now browse the different articles of the Kryll.io blog to stay tuned about Kryll and learn more about crypto.

  • Chart improvement

The display of charts has been taken to the next level by bringing the display of strategy orders into a TradingView module.

  • Improved wallet tab for a better user experience

Some changes have been made to the portfolio tab to make it simpler and more intuitive to use and thus improve the user experience.

  • Improved notification management

When you receive a notification about a strategy, when you tap on the notification, you will now be taken directly to the details of the related strategy.

A hidden easter egg that can earn you 200 KRL

An easter egg has been hidden in the application. A prize of 200 KRL will be awarded to the first user to post a screenshot of the easter egg and how he/she managed to find it on our Telegram channel.

Good luck to all !

Download the Kryll Mobile App on the App Store
Download the Kryll Mobile App on the Play Store

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