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Kryll Platform Update V1.10

The Kryll platform is getting new features in this V1.10 update, in addition to some ergonomic improvements. These changes were requested by the community and once again the Kryll team has done everything possible to develop these new functionalities.

A new system for the quick launch of a group on several different pairs has been introduced. In just a few clicks launch the same strategy on up to 9 different pairs. You will then have an overview of your multi-pair group directly on your dashboard. No more need to launch strategies one by one when you want to trade on several pairs at the same time!

Multi Launcher : Launch a group on several pairs at the same time

Multi launcher : Adding a new pair is done in 1 click

For the practical aspect of the functionality, the base of the pairs must be the same on your group (BTC or USDT for example). The multi-pair group can be launched on BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XTZ/USDT etc... But not on BTC/USDT, ETH/BTC, XTZ/BNB at the same time.

In the case of a strategy from the marketplace, the pairs recommended by the creator of the strategy will be directly proposed for quick addition!

You can also use the multi-launcher on a strategy of your creation.

Aggregated view of your multi-pair group in the dashboard

Multi-pair group window

A new method of launching a strategy also means a new display of your multi-pair group directly on your dashboard. At a glance you will have all the important
information of this group.

The card provides the following information:

  1. Logo of the exchange where the strategy works + Name of the group
  2. KRL available to supply the multi-pair group
  3. Overall profit of all instances of your multi-pair group
  4. Pairs launched in the group (9 max) + pair chart + pair profit
  5. Total initial capital / total current capital
  6. Market curves for the pair, red = bear market; orange = slight bear market; green = bull market; gray = latent market

Group overview

Clicking on this map will then open a detailed view of your multi-pair group.

View of multi-pair group overview

You will then be able to access detailed individual information by clicking on the chart of each pair.

This new launch system allows you to trade quickly on several pairs at a time, which is highly recommended for portfolio diversification and better risk management in automated trading. You can also find our article on this topic on this link:

New blocks to refine your multi-pair strategies!

Creating a strategy that works on several pairs is not always possible, especially for opposite assets (ie: BTCUP / BTCDOWN). However, having a single strategy that manages several types of assets and thus aggregates the results within the same group would be ideal.

This is why the team provides 2 new blocks in the editor:

- The "Check pair" block allowing to perform tests on the pair in use (am I on the pair "BTC-EUR" for example). Connected to an 'OR' block, these new blocks will allow you to create different paths according to the pair on which the strategy is launched, and thus refine your creations according to the context of their execution.

- The 'GO TO' block which allows you to go directly to a block without having to draw a new arrow. Indeed, the bigger the strategies are, the harder it is to organize them without arrows everywhere. This is even more the case with multi-pair strategies.
This block will greatly help you take advantage of the entire editor workspace to organize your strategies into sub-strategies and thus have a clearer view of the behavior of your creations.

Here is an example of a strategy running on BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT, consisting of a startup test and two sub-strategies.

With all these new developments, automated trading has never been so advanced and fun.
It's up to you now!

Happy trading!

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