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Kryll Release V1.1 — 3 new blocks added and the awaited Custom Wallet are here!

Here we go again ! A new big update for every kryllians! Since the V1, many things happened, and we want to take a time to thank you all for your amazing feedbacks. You really are a big part of this project.

What’s new in v1.1?

As always, couple of bugfixes here and there, enhancement, optimizations, etc… But we know that you want more than just optimization… So finally we can announce the release of the Custom Wallet features, and the advent of newly engineered blocks. Excited enough?

The long-awaited Custom Wallet!

The Custom Wallet Feature!

This new feature completely changes the way you can use Indeed you can now (either in backtest, livetest and livetrading) customize your wallet!!

This means that you can start with whatever amount of traded and base currency in your wallet and don’t need to worry about selling your coin before starting a strategy.

To give you a better example we will do a use case. Let’s say that you want to try a strategy on KRL/BTC. But you already have KRL in your balance so you would like to sell them first. But you also have a bit of BTC left, and you would want that to count in your next buy.

You simply click on the wallet and change the values and here you go!

You can now start your strategy by a SELL block (or not) so you won’t have to connect on your exchange to do it (like previous version). Isn’t that great?

Launch a live trade with custom wallet

3 New blocks for more efficiency!

3 new blocks have been added to add more flexibility and efficiency to your work. Balance, Range Trigger and Infos blocks are detailed below.

This block allows you to do an action based on the status of your wallet.
This one is pretty self explanatory.

Reminder: On a pair such as KRL/BTC the base currency is BTC and the traded currency is KRL.

This block can be useful in a strategy where you buy small percentage. Because it will come a point where 5% of 10% is too little of an amount to be handled by the exchange.

This new block allows you to trigger an action based on the position of the price compared to the HH (Higher High), LL(Lower Low) or Median Price. But a picture is worth a thousand word so here is how it looks.

As you can see you have multiple settings, here’s how they are used.

Analysis period: As always, it is the period you want to base your analysis on.

Length: This is the length( in candles of the period you chose, so 20 * 4h = 20 4h candles = 3.3 days). on which the range based on.

Price Position: You can choose between Below and Above, changing this setting will determine when you want the block to be triggered.

Related to: You can choose HH(the highest price ever achieved on the last x candles), LL(the lowest price ever achieved on the last x candles), or median price (the median price of the last x candles).

Distance Threshold: This is the minimum percentage by which the price needs to be compared to your settings.

This block simply allows you to add a line in the log whenever the block is triggered. It will also give you the price and your wallet status.

KRL really is great.

This block can be useful when you are fine tuning your strategy, and you want to know which block is triggered when, it does not slow your backtest at all.

New Analysis Colors !

We’ve noticed that some of you had trouble actually seeing whether the strategy is winning or losing, so we revamped the system.

So now, as you can see, you can have 4 states when it comes to the result of your strategy.

GREEN Winning Strategy
Good job you did it ! Your strategy is better than the buy and hold approach and you earned money ! You are the best ! Bravo !

ORANGE Improvement Needed
This means that your strategy earns some money but did not overcome the result of the buy and hold approach. You’re nearly there ! Come on !

ORANGE Limited Capital Loss
This means your strategy lost money but was still better than the buy and hold approach. Good effort, but still not enough.

RED Capital Loss
This means your strategy lost money and was even worst than holding. You are better than that !

Complete Changelog
- Minor bugfixes
- Deep linking (you can share the marketplace strategies link)
- Range block
- Info block
- Custom wallet (Backtest, Live)
- Terms updated
- Some UI retakes
- Improved Live view (live price tickers)
- Better portfolio data aggregation
- New analysis colors for better result understanding
- New strategy added to the MarketPlace: “BTC PONG”, check it out!

New strategy available in the MarketPlace: ”BTC PONG”

About the “BTC PONG” strategy:
Functional whatever the configuration of your starting wallet thanks to the balance block, this strategy uses the “Range trigger” — explained above — block to analyze the highest highs and lowest lows over 7 sliding days, and match them with market trends using short 2h/4h moving averages to identify good entry and exit points on the Bitcoin. Especially efficient in range periods.

Can be started with full BTC, full USDx or custom wallets !
Check it in the MarketPlace!

Thank you all for your feedbacks and suggestions!

You know us now, we always deliver. But it’s also thanks to you, we couldn’t know exactly what you want if you were not here in the chat or in the community forum to help us decide where to concentrate our efforts. So stay tuned on Telegram

Happy Trading!

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