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Kryll Trading Bot Editor Goes to the Next Level with New Features

The Kryll team is delighted to present the latest developments in our trading bots editor, an upgrade made possible by the fervent involvement of our community! Following repeated requests from our users, we have integrated a set of substantial new features and improvements into the editor.

This update marks a step forward in enriching the experience offered to editors and users of the Kryll platform, and we are convinced that these advances will bring even greater fluidity and intuitiveness to the trading bot creation process.

Which is why we've decided to work on this update to round off 2023 in style. Now let's explore these long-awaited features without further ado!

Improved interface and block organization

Faced with a constant increase in the number of new blocks, our users were experiencing some difficulty in locating them, especially in the context of lower screen resolutions where the display was becoming less adapted. Aware of this problem, it became clear that we needed to rethink our interface and block organization to facilitate access and visibility.

With this in mind, we gave the interface a facelift, introducing intuitively organized categories and implementing drop-down drawers for simplified navigation. The aim of this redesign is to make it quick and easy to identify the various tools at your disposal. In addition, the new interface benefits from improved functional design, offering a more fluid and pleasant user experience, whatever the screen size.

The long-awaited multiple block selection!

You're not dreaming! You now have the ability to select multiple blocks simultaneously and move, duplicate, delete or even (spoiler alert) insert them into an AND block! This feature marks a significant turning point in your future experience with the editor.

Imagine the ease with which you can now reorganize your workspace, test new combinations or fine-tune existing strategies with ease. This feature is designed to dramatically increase your efficiency, reflecting our ongoing commitment to improving the Kryll experience for every one of our users.

How to do it? – Hold left click and drag you mouse to easily select several blocks. You can also select blocks one by one by holding down SHIFT and double-clicking on them – Try this feature

If you can select multiple blocks, why not being able to do the opposite?

How to do it? – Hold down SHIFT while left-clicking and drag your mouse over selected blocks to deselect some of them with ease. You can also deselect blocks one by one by holding down SHIFT and double-clicking on them – Try this feature

Take blocks into an AND block

The previous approach, where an existing block could not be inserted directly into an AND block, proved impractical and unpleasant for our users. With the user experience at the heart of our concerns, we decided to make significant improvements to this process.

In the previous system, if you wanted to integrate a block into an AND block, you had to create a new one, insert it into the desired AND block when you created it, and then reconfigure the desired parameters. This method was not only tedious, but also unintuitive, hindering the fluidity of strategy construction.

We are therefore delighted to announce that you now have the option of dragging and dropping existing blocks into an AND block, at your convenience! This new feature allows greater flexibility and significant optimization of the time spent editing and customizing your trading strategies, while saving you the trouble of reconfiguring block parameters.

How to do it? – Simply select the blocks and drag them onto the AND block while holding down SHIFT – Try this feature

Take blocks out of an AND block

How to do it? – Select the blocks and press SHIFT+BACKSPACE or SHIFT+DEL – Try this feature

Why not try this update now?

We sincerely hope you enjoy this update to the Kryll trading bots editor. We invite you to explore these new features now by going to the Kryll strategy editor. Test them out, play with them and discover for yourself how they can transform the way you trade!


Happy Trading,

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