Kryll³ Dev Diary - Week 3

Welcome to the third Dev Diary of Kryll³! We are excited to share the latest thrilling developments of our project with you. As you know, our community has always been at the heart of our vision. For Kryll³, we have made it a priority to reward the engagement of our users. With this in mind, we have launched a Galxe campaign, an innovative service that allows our users to complete quests and explore the world of Kryll³.

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What is Galxe?

Galxe is a decentralized identity management and loyalty platform based on blockchain technology. It allows users to participate in campaigns and earn rewards. This helps us promote our services, increase community engagement, and attract new users while rewarding our active and engaged users.

Join the Kryll³ Galxe campaign: go.kryll.io/galxe

Integration of Galxe Quests into the Kryll³ dApp

But the rewards for our community don't stop there. We have been working tirelessly on the development of the Community Reward Program section of the dApp. This page will integrate not only the Galxe quests but also other interactive features, as well as an all-new affiliate system. Our users will have numerous ways to participate and enhance the Kryll³ ecosystem, and we are excited to see how these new features will enrich your experience. XP Points, Levels, and Credits

XP Points, Levels, and Credits

To intuitively represent user involvement and rewards, we have developed a gamification system based on experience points (XP), levels, and free credits that can be earned in various ways.

By accumulating experience points (XP) and advancing through levels, users will unlock exclusive benefits such as discounts, early access to new features, and credits to use the K agent.

Holding KRL Tokens

Wallets holding KRL will accumulate experience points (XP) and level up, thereby unlocking various rewards such as tokens, credits, and special access to features. By actively participating, users will gain advantages and recognition within the Kryll³ ecosystem.

Integration of Galxe Quests

The Community Reward Program will directly integrate Kryll³'s Galxe quests by detecting completed quest NFTs. Wallets connected to the platform and participating in the Galxe campaign will thus be able to earn even more experience points (XP).

New Affiliate System

As part of our pivot towards a web3 project, we will be implementing a new affiliate system. Sponsors will automatically receive a percentage of the points earned by their referees.

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