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Kryll Becomes Kryll³: Your Web3 AI-Powered Solution

We are on the brink of a pivotal transformation in our journey, one that marks a new chapter in our mission to equip you with advanced investment tools. From our inception, our goal is to keep you ahead of the curve, maximizing the potential of the crypto market by providing innovative tools that are accessible to everyone.

In response to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency world and in anticipation of regulatory changes, we've invested significantly since 2023 in developing Kryll³, our next-generation tool, and more broadly, in AI and LLMs. This proactive approach ensures our platform remains at the forefront of technology, offering our community innovative solutions that leverage AI for Web3.

The arrival of AI and Evolution of Our Services

Kryll³ will be your all-in-one web3 solution for tracking and managing your multi-chain crypto portfolio, and empowering you to make smarter investments. You will be able to monitor your assets across different blockchains, layers, wallets, and exchange platforms, research and analyze promising tokens, and make informed decisions more easily with the help of K, your AI-powered personal assistant, directly connected to your portfolio and web3 real-time data.

Get ready for the grand unveiling of Kryll³, a revolution that redefines the boundaries of crypto investment. More than just another platform, Kryll³ is a gateway to a promising future, where each user holds the key to unlocking colossal potential within the crypto ecosystem.

KRL Token Evolution for Kryll³

Although our service is evolving, this opens new opportunities for $KRL by becoming the cornerstone of our future platform, Kryll³.  Within this new platform, $KRL will not only grant access to exclusive benefits and serve as a method of payment, but it will also empower you to vote in our governance system, influencing future developments.

KRL Goes Multi-Chain

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that $KRL will expand beyond Ethereum, becoming available on several other blockchains. This will enhance its accessibility, reduce transaction fees, offer a better user experience, and allow us to reach a broader audience.

Effortless Withdrawals with Lower Fees

As Kryll³ is a web3 project, you will need to transfer your $KRL tokens to a decentralized wallet such as Metamask, Rabby, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc.

To assist you in this process, we will be launching a new feature in the coming days, along with a tutorial, which will allow you to transfer your $KRL tokens to a decentralized wallet from the platform in a simple manner with a 90% reduction in fees.

Not only will this feature make it easier for you to transition from Kryll to Kryll³ and save on transaction fees, but it will also allow you to register your wallet as one of the criteria for the Kryll³ Community Reward Program.

Therefore, we recommend keeping your KRL tokens on the platform until the imminent launch of this feature and our tutorial, which will be announced very soon.

Kryll³ Galxe Space as part of the Kryll³ Community Reward Program

We're thrilled to unveil the Kryll³ Galxe Space, marking the initial phase of the Kryll³ Community Reward Program and a key moment in our journey toward Kryll³:

This inaugural Galxe campaign serves as a crucial portal, deeply integrating our community into the evolution from Kryll to Kryll³, complete with opportunities to garner rewards within our Community Reward Program. Enter the Kryll³ Galxe Space now and secure your spot to earn these rewards!

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