Price UP Block — Average buy price parameter

How to make your strategies lighter and more efficients

Kryll have introduced a new parameter to its blocks “Price Up” and “Price Down”. It is called “Average Buy Price”.
The purpose of this parameter is to allow you to always be above your average buy point. It can be very useful if you average down a position, and want to sell in positive compared to that average.

How does it works?

This block use the average buy orders that have been placed before as a reference for the percentage up/down you have chosen.

Exemples :

In this guide we are making a strategy that buys 33% of our initial wallet everytime the price goes down by 3%, but as soon as the price is 5% higher than the average buy price, we sell our belongings. To do so with a simple “last order price” would be difficult because it would involve tiring calculations and thinking in levels.

With the “Average buy price” option, it’s so much easier! It will always sell (if the price is reached) when we are making profits. That way, averaging down a position is not an issue anymore !

Here’s our strategy

As you can see below, the strategy made 3 successive purchases without being able to resell the assets because the trend was unfortunately downward. However, as soon as the first rebound allowed me to collect 5% of profits from all purchases combined, the sale was triggered :

Here’s the graph

As we expected we did sell at +5% of our average buy price.

For our case it’s:
($6014 * 1.33 + $5886 * 1.33 + $5760 * 1.33) / (1.33 + 1.33 + 1.33) 
= $23487.8 / 3.99 BTC
= $5886
And $5886 + 5% of $5886 = $6180

Another Use Case:

Let’s use the Bear Trader Strategy. Bellow is the Bear Trader with “Last Order Price” compared to the “Average Buy Price” parameter.
Here’s how it works:
- If the price does down by 10%, BUY 10%.
- if the price goes down 10% BUY 20% OR if the price goes up 9%, SELL 100%
- If the price goes down 10% BUY 40% OR if the price goes up 11%, SELL 100%.
- If the price goes down 10% BUY 100% OR if the price goes up 17%, SELL 100%.
-If the price goes up 25%, sell 100%.
-And so on…
You can achieve the same logic with only one block by using the “Average Buy Price”.

Only 1 block with “Average Buy Price” can make the work of 4 blocks

Where to find it?

“Average Buy Price” is a parameter of the “Price Up” and “Price Down” blocks.

Select the “Average Buy Price” parameter

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