Travel with Crypto & Crypto-friendly destinations

It may still seem difficult to live with cryptocurrencies on a daily basis or even to travel. Ladies & gentlemen, this is the captain, fasten your seatbelts, we will first give you practical instructions to better spend your cryptos and then we will take off for several heavenly stops for Bitcoiners!

1) Payment methods

  • Pay with your crypto wallet
  • Pay with your crypto credit card
  • Pay with PayPal

2) Online services

  • Spend your crypto online with Bitrefill
  • Book flights online with
  • Find restaurants, hotels and stores that accept Bitcoin

3) Cryptofriendly countries

  • The United States
  • Salvador
  • Portugal
  • Georgia

4) Conclusion





1)Payment methods

Paying with your crypto wallet

Whether online or in physical stores, the user will have to use a Wallet application and then copy the recipient's address or scan his QRcode and send him the corresponding bitcoins or cryptos.

The best known wallets and the most suitable for beginners are Coinbase and trust Wallet.

The most experienced will prefer the physical Wallet Ledger and its dedicated mobile application on Apple store and Google play.

Pay with your crypto credit card

If the physical or online store does not accept cryptos, you can still spend your crypto currencies in a simple and discreet way via a Visa/Mastercard crypto credit card.

To use it, the customer will simply need to have a positive balance in the space dedicated to crypto currencies and reload if needed on his CB compatible Wallet application for providers like Coinbase, or with a cashback!

Pay with PayPal

Since 2021, its functionality extends to the field of crypto-currencies via the PayPal online account for the US and UK. It allows you to buy and pay online with basic cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. The merchant will instantly receive the conversion to local currency.

It can be a good alternative for online shopping while having the reassuring option of being refunded if your goods are not delivered.

This is probably an additional driver to the adoption of crypto currencies for its future network of crypto payments/purchases in Europe and the world with in addition the CB for its business customers and the CB of its subsidiary Venmo for the US.



2)Online services

Spend your cryptos online with Bitrefill

One of the most recommended websites by is Bitrefill.
It allows you to buy gift cards directly by sending cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT which is a stablecoin backed by the dollar rate or more simply through a direct transfer via a connection to your Coinbase account for beginners.

Here is an example of available gift cards:

Several categories in the list above
E-commerce sites with The Home Depot, Lowe's
Hotels with, AirBnB
Supermarkets with Whole Foods
Clothing and accessories with H&M, Adidas, Old navy
Entertainment with Cinemark, Netflix
Gaming: Google Play card, Game stop
Upmarket with Sephora, Spa & Wellness
Flights: Flightgift

Want to have an impromptu picnic in Central Park?
Good thing Uber and Uber eats are compatible with Bitrefill in the US!

Booking flights online with

Speaking of travel, one of the specialists in the field is which is also a partner of Binance, the N°1 cryptocurrency exchange. The payment of your flight and/or hotel reservation will be done mainly in cryptocurrencies with -0.5% on the flight and a cashback at the end!

Here is a flight booking simulation for a one-way trip to Mauritius:

reservation simulation for Mauritius with the possibility of payment in cryptocurrency including AVA 

Find restaurants, hotels and stores that accept Bitcoin

When online payments aren't enough, you can directly locate merchants that accept bitcoin while traveling with

Worldwide map of businesses that accept bitcoin at 

Once you have found a merchant, you can finalize your purchase by use a Crypto Wallet such as Trust Wallet or directly your Coinbase account for beginners.

Halfway between online commerce and local purchase via crypto, we salute the nice French initiative of the pro-crypto business search engine "" with click&collect option.



3) Crypto-friendly countries

The United States

Of the more than 200 countries in the world, the United States ranks as the top cryptofriendly country, with the most cryptocurrency retailers, Google search, fairly favorable domestic policy and many merchants play the bitcoin accumulation game.

El Salvador

Officially adopted by its government, Bitcoin is accepted by many merchants so you can easily use your crypto wallets and scan merchants' Bitcoin QR codes. In this country, bitcoin is not taxed on capital gains.


This is the country in Europe that best accepts crypto currencies with a tax exemption on crypto capital gains. You can see on, many merchants accepting cryptos in this country.


On the shores of the Black Sea, Georgia is a fairly popular summer crypto destination for crypto-currency miners and crypto-tourists. As a crypto currency holder, you won't be charged taxes on any profits made.




It's time to take stock of your journey.
The ability to make a living paying in crypto has grown along with the exceptional rise of cryptos.

Nevertheless, it takes a little research and education to find and pay a merchant by scanning their QRCode.

But it's the industry giants that are the real drivers of mass adoption with,, Coinbase offering a smooth transition through credit card.

It is highly likely that this competition with a race to grow users through crypto cashback rewards will push crypto into the mainstream.

Happy trading

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