Balance Block

MA balance - This block is a "conditional block" that is triggered when the strategy's wallet contains a certain amount, either in base assets or in traded assets.

The moment your strategy arrives at this balance block, it will check the status of its own assets (its wallet). This block can be very useful in deciding where the strategy should go based on the state of its wallet.

Reminder of the basics

When trading a pair, one asset is considered the base, and the other the traded asset. For example, the BTC-USDT pair consists of a selling asset (BTC) traded against the USDT base. Similarly, for the KRL-BTC pair, the KRL will be the traded currency and the BTC the base currency.

Block configuration

In the parameters of the block you can select the asset to be monitored as well as the condition for triggering the block: what is the share of the current capital represented by this asset. This check can be done in % or in $ value.

The different options of the Balance block.

Example of uses

1 - At the beginning of a strategy, using a balance block to know the composition of the wallet can be useful to redirect the flow to the most suitable part of the strategy. For example, avoid waiting for a buy signal if a user launches a BTC/USDT strategy only with BTC. Switching the strategy to waiting for a sell signal would be more relevant in this case.

Example of a strategy that directs its flow according to the composition of the allocated portfolio.

2 - At the time of a buy or sell, checking that the minimum amount needed to enter a trade is sufficient can be done with this block to avoid "empty" orders, as most exchanges adopt a $10 minimum for a trade.

Example of a strategy that directs its flow according to whether an order will be too small

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