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Bybit is available on Kryll.io platform (Trading via API)

Bybit.com is now available on Kryll for trading! Take advantage of the Marketplace strategies and the new Webhooks feature to boost your trading on Bybit!
To take advantage of this right now, you need to link your Bybit API key to your Kryll account (see the tutorial).

This integration will allow the 10 million Bybit users to use all Kryll services:

  • Launch a strategy from the Marketplace
  • Launch their own strategies created from the Strategy Editor
  • Trading manually from the Trading Terminal and its options panel
  • Use the Swap function to exchange their cryptocurrencies quickly without having to log in to Bybit

Tutorial : How to add your Bybit API key to your Kryll.io account

Kryll provides a tutorial to help you connect your Bybit account to Kryll via an API key in minutes, click here to get it through.

Reminder: The Kryll platform is "non-custodial", this means that your cryptocurrencies are secure on your exchanges and Kryll does not have access to the withdrawal right. Kryll only allows you to place orders on your behalf.

You can also use the strategy editor and backtest on the pairs available* on Bybit.
*Geographic restrictions may apply.

As a reminder, you can also use Kryll with the following exchanges: Binance, BinanceUS, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, Liquid, HitBTC, and Bittrex.

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