Checklist before launching an automated strategy on (V1)

Pre-launch checklist for Kryll Strategy, V1: version for beginners

In the article on money management strategy, we have seen how important it is to select the coin and the ideal time before even choosing the strategy (advanced users will be able to see the relationship between the performance of the strategy live in the top 20 and understand the link with the coin used and verify by themselves the relevance or not of the bullish signal of this coin).

In this article, we will propose the main tools for selecting the coins of strategies adapted to the trend.

1) Coin selection and strategy launch

-Main filter (beginners; this can help you in your research)

-Publisher's recommended coins

  • "Check if the coin is in the large capitalization (market cap)
  • "Check" if the coin is in pairs with high daily volume
  • "Check" if the coin has a good ranking on social networks
-optional secondary filter (for insiders in the next article "V2" in addition) Start in the neutral zone? / exit in overbought ? Competition of the coins between them in relation to their RSI (free tradingview tool)

2) Choice of strategies/profiles and objectives
Type of strategy adapted to your objectives

3) Accumulation and money management
Mainly on USDT and BTC

Advanced mode optional for insiders (in the next V2 article) Accumulation strategy and switch between BTC, BNB, ETH, USDT

1)Choosing the coin and launching strategies

For beginners: Publishers can recommend suitable coins for the strategy so do your research on them first.

The adapted Pairs of the marketplaces are circled, to see if these corners are part of the big market cap in which case, you have the possibility to accumulate them afterwards

"Check" if the coin is in the "large caps."

Starting from the postulate that the coin with a large market cap (capitalization = number of tokens/ coins X price) presents a lower level of risk than the smaller market caps, but a slower growth, we can perhaps ask ourselves the question of distributing a higher % of capitalization to these coin with the appropriate strategies.

Conversely, a smaller market cap is likely to offer higher risk, but faster growth with much more volatility as a general rule suitable strategy can compensate for this risk, but does not cancel it out: there will always be drawdown (maximum capital loss over a given period), but in theory, you will have less drawdown amplitudes with a strategy than without with the consequence of suffering from the price of the corner and potentially a significant dump. is a kind of insurance against such risks.

Categories in descending order of capitalization on CoinMarketCap with further down the ranking the highlighted areas; DeFi, NFT, Polkadot Eco, BSC Eco, Solana Eco, Yield Farming

Check if the coin is in the pairs with a high daily Volume

We can cross-reference the above information with the volume in descending order on Binance:

You can select the USDT market by filtering in descending order of volume and get an overview of the short-term trend.

Thanks to the daily volume data, we can see a short-term trend on some coins whose capitalization is lower than the major coins (ETH,BTC,LTC,BNB); we can therefore take a measured risk and choose an appropriate strategy has for example MATIC/USDT(this is an example and not an investment advice).

Let's check if the coin has a good ranking on social networks

Let's check if MATIC is supported on social networks using the Lunarcrush tool (see picture below)

Just check the "AltRank" to get an idea of how popular coin is and how resistant it is to bitcoin. The best ranking being the lowest number.

By checking and cross-referencing this data, you can form your own opinion about the coin and the pair recommended by the Publisher.
The next step is to use a strategy that is appropriate for that coin and for your goal.

2) Choice of strategies/profiles and objectives

The easiest way is to read the strategy description and see if it suits your user profile or simply ask your questions on the Publisher's support chan.

You can also choose your profile in the marketplace by writing the keywords: You can also choose your profile in the marketplace by writing the keywords: "short term", "medium term", "long-term" and use one or more types of strategies in order to diversify on for example a percentage of capital a little more important on the medium / long term and a percentage more reduced on strategies type short term (the ideal being as we saw at the beginning of the article to triller by decreasing capitalization in order to potentially reduce the risk of cross-checking with your own research in particular by checking the social support on the chosen coin...etc.).

For beginners: Publishers can recommend suitable coin for the strategy so do your research on these first.

"Long-term (in the search bar of the marketplace/description)

  • Monthly main trend
  • Frequency of trades: some trades daily but most often it's weekly
Example of Octobot Strategy in long-term profile

Swing Trading ("medium term" in the marketplace search bar):

  • Weekly main trend
  • Frequency of late: a few per day or even weekly trades

Example of Kryll Strategy: Gaïa, 8 miles, Teseo...knowing that it overlaps with day trading on some strategies.


  • Main trend over 5 min,
  • Frequency: about 100 per day (no or few strategies on Kryll for the moment or on some short-term market phases).

Day trading("short term" in the search bar of the marketplace)

  • Main trend over 60min-
  • Frequency: several per day

Example: We can talk again about those swing/daily strategies of the rebound type which "surf" on the uptrend of bitcoin by taking advantage of the "ones" or momentary fall to buy then with the rebound on the rise sell back by step and accumulate the base currency of the pair (USDT for MATIC/USDT).

Speaking of accumulation, we can specify that it is a particular profile that aims the medium / long term and that we will develop in the next step.

3) Accumulation and money management
Mainly on USDT and BTC, accumulation is conducive on the coins recommended by the publishers and adapted to their strategies.

As a general rule, the altseason starts when the dominance of BTC (majority share, initially, in % of BTC on the global cryptocurrency market) spills over to altcoins; and it is at this moment that it is easier to accumulate BTC (if you are a beginner, the support of the strategies, link in description of the strategies, can answer your questions notably at this particular moment of the Altseason with its accumulation on BTC, USDT).

Some publishers even adopt a global strategy of accumulation and money management as does the publisher Cryptomax which proposes objectives at +10...+20% with stop/relaunch of its strategy when others like "Begginz" proposes short term/medium and long term to diversify even more; finally, Vehlas with also proposes diversification on short/medium and long term, but it adds in addition an additional diversification on the Futures.

We would like to thank the publishers (including the ones I didn't mention) for their work, past and present.

The tools presented in this article are for informational purposes and serve as examples, so do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose.

Happy trading!

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