How to withdraw and deposit KRL from an Exchange to your Kryll account

You have just acquired KRL tokens on an exchange (Liquid/Kucoin/HitBTC) and you wish to deposit them on your Kryll account in order to credit it in KRL?

It is very simple, we will take the example of the Liquid exchange.

1- Create your KRL deposit address on your Kryll account

Go to your Kryll account in the "KRL Wallet" section and click on "Deposit".

Note: The deposit of KRL is only possible after activation of your 2FA.

2- Your KRL deposit address is then created

Copy your KRL deposit address and go to your exchange in the withdrawal section.

Give a name to your KRL address (label) and indicate the KRL address you copied from your Kryll account. Also input your 2FA.

4- Validate your KRL address with the "Token Confirmation" code that you will receive by email

5- Your address is confirmed and you can now initiate the withdrawal of your KRL tokens

Select the KRL address you just added from the drop-down list, select the number of KRL you wish to send to your Kryll account and enter your 2FA.

6- Last step, validate your withdrawal by clicking on "Confirm Withdrawal Details" in the email you just received

The withdrawal will then be confirmed by Liquid and sent shortly (usually a few minutes).

7- Once the withdrawal has been made and credited to your Kryll account you will receive a confirmation email

The KRL will then be available on your Kryll account and ready to be used to fund your strategies. You will also have a proof of deposit in the "last KRL transactions".

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