Kryll³ Dev Diary - Week 1

Welcome to the very first Kryll³ Dev Diary, where we are excited to share the latest developments of our project with you. This week, we will discuss the work done on the website and the evolution of Agent K.

Launch of the New Kryll³ Website

The first visible element for Kryll³’s audience is the website, which presents the service. Creating a new website was an opportunity to leverage the latest technologies. The team chose the Astro framework for a modern and flexible user experience. Astro optimizes performance by creating static pages and adding JavaScript only when necessary, which also improves SEO performance. It simplifies development with live visible changes and integrates well with many libraries and development tools.

Release of the Kryll³ Whitepaper

As with any serious Web3 project, the whitepaper serves as a guideline, prompting the team to put all their envisioned features on paper and combine them into a coherent offer and project. This whitepaper has become the cornerstone of the project, which we present on the new site kryll.io that you are now familiar with.

Opening of the Kryll³ Whitelist

In parallel, we have implemented a whitelist system to offer our users exclusive early access to the Kryll³ platform. You can now enter your email address on our site to join this list. This will not only allow you to be among the first to access Kryll³ but also to receive notifications about the opening and the latest updates of the platform.

Sign up for the whitelist: go.kryll.io/whitelist

Improvement and Optimization of Agent K

For several weeks, we have been working intensively on the conversational and personal agent K. This agent aims to help users navigate the "multiverse" of crypto information and finally take full advantage of it.

Unlike traditional genAI solutions like ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini, agent K uses the proprietary technology "KortexFlow". This innovation, developed by our teams for nearly a year, allows agent K to handle an enormous amount of information in a structured manner and in real-time.

These developments enable K to connect to your portfolio information as well as external data, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

Illustration of the conception of the K agent of the Kryll³ platform (kryll.io) in KortexFlow

We are currently in the midst of testing the performance of version 0 of the K agent. The results obtained so far are already very satisfactory, demonstrating the potential and efficiency of this first version. These tests allow us to refine and optimize the agent to ensure an optimal user experience.

What's next?

We are thrilled to announce that the development of the Kryll³ dApp has officially begun. Moreover, we have started to initiate strategic partnerships that will strengthen our ecosystem and bring additional benefits to our community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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