, Fuelling your strategies

Fuel your strategy when you launch it for the first time.

Your strategies need some KRL to work for both Live Trading and Live Simulation. Prices are detailed here
When you first launch your strategy you will have to assign it an amount of KRL in order to make it work correctly. Once those KRL are consumed you’ll receive e-mail reminders to refill your strategy, if you don’t it will stop.

Click the play icon on your strategy and fill the form with the amount of KRL you want to allocate ( as well as the name of the instance, exchange, pair, starting capital — subject is covered in length in strategy creation chapter).

You will then see a blue progress bar with amount of KRL remaining at the top right of your strategy slot, in our case 80 KRL.

Note: Once launched the strategy may take a few seconds to activate, while it remains black.

Refill your strategy when it gets low in KRL.

Once your strategy get low on KRL you are notified by e-mail at 25%, 10% and less than 1% of the initial KRL amount you fuelled it with.

When there is no more KRL in your strategy account, the strategy STOPs. This means all strategies’ open orders are automatically closed.

To refill a strategy before it exhausts, click on the blue bar at the top right of your strategy slot, a form will appear. Simply enter the amount of KRL to refill and click Add. You will see the new amount of KRL allocated to your strategy, in our case 150 KRL.

How can I know how much KRL I have to fill my strategy with ?

It can be a good thing to know how much KRL I need to allocate to my strategy to be quiet for a while.

— Cost on live Trading:
Simply backtest your strategy and check the log, last line will indicate you an estimation of the cost of the strategy in KRL for the period backtested. This number can be lowered to almost free if you Hold KRL (Holding program)

Note: According to your starting capital the cost will change, backtest your strategy with the amount you are willing to trade with.

Tip: use a 1 month period for backtest to have an estimation of your monthly strategy cost.

— Cost on Live Simulation:
Live simulation costs 0.06$ / day, this number can be lowered to almost free if you Hold KRL (Holding program)


Be sure to allocate enough KRL to your strategy to avoid frequent checking. You’ll receive notifications when you’re getting low so no need to fear about sudden stop of your strategy.

Happy Trading!

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