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Kryll Platform V1.7 Released!

Including the new Swap feature — Changelog v1.7

Dear community,We are pleased to introduce the new version 1.7 of the Kryll platform. Our goal is to improve the platform by adding new features and increasing performance. In this post we will reveal to you the new functionalities of this update.

Portfolio Swap

Don’t want to log in to your exchange to sell your cryptocurrency back to BTC or USDT or another major base currencies ?

Kryll Portfolio Swap

That’s why we have introduced a new feature called “Swap” that allows you to sell your cryptocurrencies directly from your Kryll portfolio, in a few clicks! Find out how to use the Swap on this link.

Hide/Show your Dust

Show/Hide dust

Dust refers to any small amount of coin or token (under 150 sat). This amount is sometimes so insignificant that it is not usable and cannot even be sold. However, some exchanges such as Binance allow these dust to be sold. You can now hide or show these “dust” in your Kryll portfolio.

Strategy Editor Speed Improvement

We received feedbacks about slowdowns on the strategy editor as soon as there are starting to be a lot of blocks in it. This is why our technical team has significantly improved the performance of the editor, which is now smoother.

Discover all these new features :

Happy Trading!

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