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A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of organizing an event on our Telegram group where the community had the opportunity to ask questions about Kryll³. We were delighted by the enthusiasm and curiosity you demonstrated. Among all the questions received, we have selected 20 to answer in detail. Let's embark together on this in-depth exploration of the Kryll³ universe!

1) What is the role of the KRL token? How is the token used and how does it contribute to the platform's future evolution?

Holding KRL in your wallet will grant you free access to various services offered by the Kryll³ platform, such as Smartfolio, News Hub, or X-Ray. These KRL will also allow you to earn XP to unlock rewards and use free AI credits to interact with Agent K. KRL will also be useful for voting power in our upcoming governance system.

2) Given that you will have your own AI engine, do you plan to open it to the outside world via an API, for example? So that partners can use it, you would thus become THE reference for Web3 and Crypto AI!

Yes, Agent K is intended to be usable outside of Kryll³ in a lighter version with various partners. This is already the case since the end of June with the integration of the Agent K Widget on the Coin Academy website. We are currently deploying this Widget with other French-speaking actors and in discussions with English-speaking ones.

More generally, our AI engine (Kortexflow) is already used by startups and large groups for non-Web3 projects such as real estate, human resources, or innovation support.

3) Can you monitor the evolution of on-chain uses of smart contracts and addresses to identify dynamics and trends? This would allow for visibility of increased interest or volumes on lesser-known projects.

Kryll³ consists of several products of increasing complexity. Smartfolio and News Hub will allow you to track your assets and related news. X-Ray will analyze and identify the strengths and weaknesses of various projects.

However, thanks to Gem-detector and through Harpoon, it will indeed be possible to monitor the evolution of on-chain uses of Smart Contracts and addresses to identify dynamics and trends.

With these multi-chain monitoring capabilities, including on-chain data analysis, social trends, and proto-charts models, Kryll³ will automatically evaluate emerging tokens or those massively bought by large players in real-time.

4) Will we be able to use KRL on other networks or blockchains?

Yes, we plan to deploy Kryll on various other blockchains. In addition to the existing Ethereum network, we plan to extend KRL usage to layer 2 solutions such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism. This expansion will improve the accessibility and interoperability of our token across a larger number of blockchain ecosystems, offering more flexibility and opportunities for our users.

5) I have a concern about what's been happening lately: Kryll has gone from a "majestic" automated crypto trading platform to a simple auxiliary tool. What are the long-term objectives/orientations from now on? Are you still pursuing (in your mind) the original goal by improving it, or are you simply doing what regulators tell you to do?

We understand your concerns and want to reassure you that our commitment to our initial mission remains unchanged: providing everyone with cutting-edge investment tools. Kryll continues and will continue to innovate to offer the most advanced trading and analysis tools in the market. We indeed need to change our approach due to evolving regulations (shifting from "automation" to "decision support"), but we are convinced that our new suite of AI tools will provide a decisive service for investors and traders while complying with regulations.

6) How does Gem Detector identify future crypto stars? Can we explore the criteria used for this detection, the frequency of data updates, and Gem Detector's historical results?

Gem Detector studies the potential of young cryptos or those that have become less popular by monitoring several indicators, whether on-chain (emission, burn, massive purchases, smart money...), financial (price evolution, volumes...), or social (follower evolution, increase in GitHub commits...). Using various scoring algorithms and consolidating their results through different Deep Learning models, this service can detect underlying trends of still confidential tokens.

Data is updated daily for more macroscopic data and by the minute for more micrometric data (price or volume, for example). By combining risk assessment and market trends, Gem Detector will thus offer a comprehensive and transparent analysis to help you discover "gems" before they become public.

7) Will the information you provide be personalized? Or will it be general for everyone?

Yes, the information provided by Kryll³ will be personalized. It will depend on the composition of your wallet, the needs you express to Agent K during discussions, or it can be adjusted directly in the various tools we will offer. This ensures that you receive relevant advice tailored to your investment goals.

8) Given the evolution of ChatGPT (in its latest version just presented), isn't there a risk that it will be an "unfair" competitor to Kryll's AI (development budget probably much higher than Kryll's)?

On the contrary, this evolution is much more beneficial for Kryll³ than risky. Indeed, the continuous integration of AI technology evolutions and innovations is an integral part of the project!

Moreover, our AI is designed to be specialized in the field of cryptocurrencies and DeFi, with unique features such as on-chain data analysis, social media monitoring, real-time price knowledge, or news feeds from major international media. Classic AIs, although evolving very quickly indeed, do not and will not have these very specific data, nor the curation and integration models that we have.

What makes it even more unique is its ability to access your portfolio, various blockchains, and crypto projects themselves. By knowing exactly what you own, it can adjust its analyses to be perfectly adapted to your situation. This is something that ChatGPT and other AIs are not intended to do.

9) Could Kortexflow.ai become a SaaS solution or software published by Kryll for other projects/companies?

Currently, Kortexflow.ai is a service we use for our internal needs and also offer in B2B for companies, startups, and large accounts. A B2C version is being considered, but it is not planned in the immediate future to allow the team to focus fully on Kryll³.

10) Will the use of the different features of the new version of Kryll be paid? Will the fees still be based on KRL consumption?

The use of the features in the new version of Kryll³ will be structured in several plans allowing to unlock increasingly premium options. These plans will be accessible via a hybrid economic model:

  • By subscription, payable by credit card or KRL (annually).
  • Free, depending on the number of KRLs held in the connection wallet to the Kryll³ decentralized application.

11) Are crypto ecosystem players, especially exchanges, aware of this change (without necessarily specifying AMF reasons)? If so, how have they reacted, and if not, is there any planned communication with them?

Yes, our partners in the crypto ecosystem are aware of this change. We recently organized an AMA with KuCoin to present the project's evolution. This allows us to keep them informed and answer their questions directly.

12) What will your business model be to finance and make money from this new Kryll model?

As explained in question number 10, Kryll³ will be financed partly through its subscription system. We also have commercial agreements for the use of our K³ technology, such as with Coin Academy and other partners currently under negotiation. Finally, Kryll³ serves as a laboratory for the evolution of our Kortexflow technology, for which we have commercial agreements with various private entities.

13) What are some of the limitations of the K Assistant? Can it be used by an individual for trading as well, or primarily for insights?

The Agent K will not trade for you. Its role will be to assist you in all the tasks that a savvy investor should undertake, such as portfolio analysis, risk identification, audits/DYOR (Do Your Own Research) of underlying assets, project research and analysis (whitepapers, social information, etc.). It will also help you save time by finding where to buy various cryptocurrencies, identifying potentially valuable tokens, and helping you better understand the ecosystem through educational explanations and assistance. It's much more than a simple assistant; it's a true sidekick to accompany you in the world of cryptocurrencies.

14) "Your Web3 AI Sidekick" is your slogan. However, do you plan to extend your tool to forex, indices, commodities, etc., or not?

"Your Web3 AI Sidekick" is indeed our slogan. However, extending our tool to forex, indices, commodities, etc., is a possibility under consideration, although it's still too early to give a definitive answer on the subject.

15) It will probably take many months before Kryll³ is actually usable with all these features presented on the site... and time costs money. Will you make it until then? Will users wait?

Contrary to what one might think, the development of Kryll³ is well underway. We plan to have a closed beta version by July, and the first version featuring Smartfolio (tracking and aggregation of Dex/Cex assets), News Hub, Reward Program, and K agent version 1 should be available in early access by the end of summer. X-Ray will be available during the second half of the year, and the application will be enriched based on feedback from our first users.

16) What are the challenges and opportunities related to decentralized governance (DAO)?

Decentralized governance (DAO) presents challenges such as slowing down decision-making due to the need for community consensus. Coordination is more complex, and it can sometimes be difficult to incentivize people to actively participate. However, this governance system is an excellent way to involve the community and offers total transparency on decisions made and their process. Moreover, it allows for a greater diversity of ideas, which can accelerate a project's level of innovation.

17) Will you be able to include customized user notification systems (score, %, amount...)?

Yes, on X-Ray, you will have the possibility to set up personalized alerts. This point is actually under consideration within the team, and a "Notification Control Center" could be developed during the year, allowing users to create and manage various alerts based on criteria such as X-Ray scores, percentage changes, volatility, volume increases, etc. This would offer users increased control over the information they wish to monitor.

18) What is the typical customer profile you're targeting with this new product?

Kryll³ is designed for all types of clients looking for a comprehensive and intuitive solution to help them manage and analyze their crypto portfolio, centralizing all their exchange platforms and web3 wallets in one place. They will also benefit from the assistance of a dedicated personal agent to guide them in their investment decisions. The wide range of capabilities given to Agent K makes it a product that can interest both newcomers (by helping them understand the ecosystem and its mechanics) and the most experienced investors (by assisting them in research tasks, DYOR, or on-chain analysis).

19) What is Kryll³'s vision? Kryll³ aims to democratize information on crypto assets by developing connections with AI and blockchain. Could we have more details on this vision and how it will translate concretely into the new platform?

Kryll³'s vision is to democratize access to information on crypto assets by integrating AI and blockchain. This materializes through the implementation of a web platform (and later a mobile application) similar to Delta/Debank or Dextools, but in a much more affordable, unified, and accessible way. Through our various tools and the conversational agent, our main objective is to smooth out the complexity and fragmentation of this ecosystem, allowing everyone to have fresh, accurate, and potentially very technical information, but in a digestible and accessible manner. By simplifying and centralizing data, Kryll³ aims to make crypto investment more transparent and understandable for everyone.

20) How is Kryll³ better than Arkham Intelligence or Debank? What partnerships are planned and/or that Kryll is considering developing?

Kryll³ provides a similar level of information to Arkham Intelligence or Debank, but in a much simpler, clearer, and more understandable way. Direct access via a conversational agent makes a huge difference in terms of ease of use and understanding. As part of this project, we already have partnerships with several crypto projects such as CoinGecko or Alchemy, French crypto press outlets (Coin Academy and JDC, for example) and international ones, and web and AI players such as Google and Anthropic. These collaborations enhance our ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information while making the user experience more fluid and intuitive.

This AMA has been an enriching experience, revealing your expectations and concerns. We are deeply grateful to all participants for their engagement and curiosity. Your questions have allowed us to better understand your needs and will guide us in the continuous improvement of Kryll³.

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