Kryll³ Dev Diary - Week 6

Welcome to this sixth edition of our Dev Diaries! This week, we have a topic full of revelations to share with you: building meaningful partnerships for Kryll³.

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Since the announcement of our new project in May, we have received numerous requests from partners, institutions, and investors, propelling our teams into an incredible dynamic. Get ready because we have several pieces of good news to announce!

Investments in Kryll³

Investments are essential to finance technological developments, but also to establish the notoriety and credibility of a project. Today, we are thrilled to announce that a partnership with Google has materialized, granting us a significant investment of several hundred thousand dollars to support us in our innovation and boost the development of the Kryll³ platform!

But that's not all! We are also laying the first stone of a technological partnership with Anthropic, which has already provided us with privileged resources and accreditations for experimenting with their technologies within the framework of KortexFlow.

These partnerships that are taking shape reflect the growing interest of the tech ecosystem in what we are accomplishing.

Technological Partnerships

Thanks to the rapid development of the K³ Widget, our solution now allows for quick integration of our services into the ecosystem of other players. We are proud to announce our first partnerships with various Web3 media, starting with CoinAcademy.fr, a well-known French-speaking crypto media also available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

And this is just the beginning, as many other partnerships are being negotiated and should be announced in the coming weeks!

We are convinced that the visibility of the Kryll³ project requires solid and impactful collaborations. That's why we have chosen to prioritize these integrations. However, don't worry, our users will be rewarded for their patience because thanks to these integrations, we are adding additional features and capabilities to our AI. We have indeed taken advantage of these developments to add to our platform a centralized News Feed system directly connected to your wallet and Agent K. Now connected to more than 35 of the most influential Web3 information sources (for more details, see Dev Diary #4), it becomes capable of cross-referencing your assets with this information in real-time.

To summarize:

These partnerships, whether in terms of investment, technology, or commerce, are the cornerstone of our consumption strategy for the Kryll³ project. They allow us to secure essential resources for the development of our project, increase our visibility and integration in the Web3 sector, and consolidate our innovative technology. Accomplished in just a few months, these advancements foreshadow a future full of surprises!

Stay tuned for other announcements, which will mark the beginning of a new and concrete era for Agent K and our platform.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and see you very soon for a new Dev Diary!

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