Kryll³ Dev Diary - Week 4

Welcome to the fourth Kryll³ Dev Diary, where we are thrilled to share the latest exciting developments in our project.

Previous Edition: Kryll³ Dev Diary - Week 3

Multilingual Agent K

Advanced language models (LLM) are known for their ability to adapt to the user's language. However, during our R&D phase, we observed a decline in response quality when the information sources (the feeds accessible by Agent K) are heterogeneous in terms of language, as is the case with some LLM models.

To address this issue, we have integrated a language detection mechanism in our internal product, KortexFlow. This system triggers background translation processes to ensure that all information available to the agent is homogeneous and coherent. Thus, Agent K maintains its relevance regardless of the language in which it is queried.

It will be natural and convenient to query Kryll³'s conversational agent for information on projects, news, whitepapers, on-chain data, information from social networks and media, as well as real-time crypto market data, all in the user's native language. Agent K offers comprehensive insights by leveraging all accessible data through its numerous connectors.

News Feed

The Kryll dApp aims to become your new window into the world of crypto. In this constantly evolving market, integrating a news system quickly became essential.

The first step was to aggregate information feeds from the major players in the sector. Kryll stands out by enriching these news items with useful information for users. Thanks to artificial intelligence, each news item will be accompanied by:

  • The cryptos concerned
  • The potential impact (low or high)
  • A sentiment analysis (bullish or bearish)

Thus, Kryll³ will become a true information hub, enriched with relevant data to help users navigate an increasing volume of information.

In extension of this aggregation, Agent K will benefit from the work done by our teams, with the ability to access the latest news and answer your questions about them.

dApp Avatar

As mentioned in our last Dev Diary, a leveling and experience system will be integrated into the Community Reward Program. Simultaneously, avatars will also be introduced to enhance the user experience. This week, we are highlighting the design of these avatars, recently implemented by our team.

To offer a unique touch and reflect user progression, we have designed an avatar generation system. Upon creation, these avatars consist of several predefined physical traits (color, accessories, etc.) that will evolve as users progress.

This work is inspired by methods used in the creation of famous NFT collections, such as CryptoPunks or Bored Apes, to name a few. Users will thus benefit from a dynamic avatar symbolizing their involvement in the project’s community.

As a preview, here is a sample from our graphic designer:

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