Metaverse Part 2 : The SandBox

After our introduction in our previous article with the presentation of what “The Metaverse” was and in more details Decentraland.
We will this week talk about its most promising competitor: The Sandbox

What is The SandBox?

Founded in 2011 by the french Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget, it is the takeover in 2018 by the developer of mobile applications Animoca for nearly 5 million dollars, which will propel The Sandbox from simple video games to a real virtual world in which creators can design games and monetize them.

This time around the player is transported to a map of over 166,000 LANDS, with each LAND in the game representing 96m², with dimensions ranging from 1 × 1 smallest lot and up to 24 × 24 for the most important, the map of The Sandbox and huge!
The 24 × 24 fields are very often hosted by large studios, collectors or personalities and are estimated at several tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Current record held by the sale of a plot of more than 4 Million dollars.

But suddenly what do these LANDS really represent?

LANDS have a utility aspect.
Owning a LAND allows you to host different experiences. These experiences, artists's creations or games, you will have the opportunity to share them with the community, for a small contribution. If we wanted to draw a parallel with real life, it's a bit like owning a huge empty space in the middle of Paris or Manhattan; you could easily rent it out to various parties.
For example, one of the most recent collaboration was Snoop Dogg X The Sandbox, but also projects like Atari, Binance, The Walking Dead. Many projects have launched a collaboration with the game in recent months.

Below is a photo of the current map on which you can see several big names in Crypto.

Is the gaming experience there?

Clearly, YES !When the Alpha version of the game opened, many players around the world praised the game's fluidity as well as its very “Minecraft” graphics. Some quests were available to all players and for the lucky owners of the alpha-pass, a sort of VIP card for access to the game, they could benefit from no less than 19 Quests to complete, each quest with its own reward, Rare NFT, or in-game cryptocurrency (SAND).

Just like Decentraland, The Sandbox, works with its own token, the SAND, it is possible to buy it on different exchanges, but gamers can earn them through the various quests offered in the game, transactions are carried out in SAND , and to become a creator and post your works you will have to own, or go through an owner of LAND, which means that the ecosystem is very well done because it allows to use the LANDS as well as the token of The Sandbox and give them a real utility

Discover it by yourself : The Sandbox

Some figures on The Sandbox:

SAND price: $ 5.08
Number of tokens in circulation: 919,498,319
Market capitalization: 4,685,854,205
Number of players per month: 30,000

A No-Code experience!

The special feature of The Sandbox is that it offers a suite of no-code tools designed to create various experiences.
The strength of no-code is that it allows anyone to create without having any experience in computer language.

This is what kryll.io has chosen to operate a no-code interface allowing you to create your own trading strategies. We believe that the No-code experience is a real asset for our customers, as well as for the IT world 3.0.
However, if you want to directly use ready-made strategies you can use the strategies created by the best publishers on our platform, For example, you can use the latest strategies to trade the SAND token directly via our Marketplace.

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