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Kryll platform pricing - You only pay when you use it

Kryll's business model is simple. You only pay when you use strategies. When a strategy stops or you stop it, you pay nothing.
Backtests are free and UNLIMITED for the publishers ! If you're one you will be able to test all the strategies,  on several years of past data as many times as you like for free.


  1. Kryll platform fees -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    a. KRL, the platform token, used to pay fees ------------------------
    b. Estimating the costs of a strategy ------------------------------------------------------
    c. Livetrading fees -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    d. Livetest fees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Developers fees (dev fees) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Holding Program (benefits & discounts) --------------------------------------------

1) Kryll platform fees

a. KRL, the platform token, used to pay fees
The platform fees are paid in KRL, the Kryll token. You can acquire this token on different exchanges such as Liquid or HitBTC or buy it directly from the platform with a credit card.

To top up your Kryll account go to the tab "KRL Wallet".

The "KRL wallet" tab allows you to manage your Kryll portfolio

b. Estimating the costs of a strategy
An online calculator is available at https://kryll.io/pricing/.
For a more precise estimate you also have the possibility to refer to the logs of a strategy over the defined period when you make a Backtest.

During a Backtest, in the Logs, at the very bottom is displayed an estimate of the Kryll and exchange costs.

These values are given as an indication and represent the estimated costs:
- Estimated Cost: Cost of the platform in KRL for the given period
- Exchange Fees: Estimated cost of the exchange platform (here Binance), its included in the final backtest results (note that they do not take into account the possible reductions on the exchange side but represent the basic costs).

Please note that Kryll only charges its platform costs, the exchange costs are charged to you by the exchange itself for each transaction. The developers fees are not included in this estimate, you will have to add them to get the final cost.

c. Livetrading fees (Real Trading)
Launching a strategy in Livetrading means that the strategy will place orders on a exchange for you. These orders are real and will therefore affect your portfolio. The Livetrading is the ultimate step of the platform, namely to launch a strategy that will take care of making a given portfolio grow.

The billing of a strategy in Livetrading (real trading) is 1% of the committed capital (calculated per minute) for one month. A cost calculator is available here.

When you stop a strategy the billing stops. A strategy with a capital of 200$ will cost for example 0,46$ (200*0,01/30*7) if you stop it after 7 days.

Note: With to the Holding program (accumulate KRL on your Kryll account) you can lower these fees up to 0.05%.

d. Livetest Fee (Simulation)
Launching a strategy in Livetest means that the strategy will simulate the placing of orders on an exchange. These orders are fictitious and will not affect your portfolio. The Livetest is used to simulate the operation of a strategy over a few days/week to confirm its performance.

The Livetest costs $0.06 / day to be paid in KRL.

In the Strategy Launcher you can choose between Simulation or Livetrading (default).

2) The developers Fee (dev fees)

Developers are those fantastic traders to whom you can rent strategies from the MarketPlace. They design, test and improve their strategies continuously and make them available to the community.

You can install and backtest these strategies for free as many times as you like.

When you launch one or more of these strategies you will have to pay the platform fee plus a fee set by the publisher.

When you click on a strategy you will see the details of the strategy. At the top left of the title block are the developers fees (which will have to be added to those of the platform).

On this strategy we have 100% publisher (dev) fees. It is 100% of the platform costs that will be added for the publisher.

I.e N°1: You commit a capital of $200 on this strategy.
- $2.00 (1%) will go to the platform
- $2.00 (100% of the $2.00 platform fee) will go to the publisher.

If you let this strategy work for 30 days it will cost you approximately $4.00 (this amount may vary depending on instant capital, losses or gains).

I.e N°2: If the publisher fees were 50% you would only pay $3.00 for 30 days of operation. ($2.00 platform fee, $1.00 publisher fee)

I.e N°3: With 100% publisher fees and a Holding Program of 50,000KRL you will pay only $2.00 for 30 days of operation. ($1.00 platform fee, $1.00 publisher fee)

3) Holding Program

The Holding program allows you to benefit from a whole host of advantages such as cost reductions of up to 95%!

When you keep KRL tokens in your account, you can switch between the holding levels, which is done automatically when you have more than 5000, 10000 KRL tokens etc..

Note: The principle of the Holding Program is to keep KRL tokens on the platform, these tokens are never locked, you can withdraw them at any time.

Get up to 95% discount with the holding program.

Here you will find a fee calculator and details of the Holding Program offer


KRL token is the fuel of the platform, like the gasoline of a car, you will need it to make the strategies work. Accumulating KRL will give you discounts, you can sell it at any time.

Note: Platform fees are calculated as a percentage of the invested capital in $ equivalent and are paid in KRL. The price of KRL has no impact on the platform fee.

  • KRL at $0,10, capital $500, platform fee 1% = 50 KRL
  • KRL at $1, capital $500, platform fee 1% = 5 KRL

Happy Trading,

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