New version of the Mobile App available (Patch Notes)

Hi Kryllians

Thanks for all your positive feedbacks and bug reports since AppV2 release.

As we target to satisfy all our community with this new version, we worked hard to bring you asap a new version fixing/improving all reported issues.

Then, we're glad to bring you this changelog :

  • Improvement of the scroll of the login page
  • Fixed a bug that added a space at the end of the login email
  • Added the display of the application version
  • Improvement of the logout process
  • Fixed a bug that changed the list during a pull to refresh in the strategies
  • Deactivation of auto-completion on the search bar
  • Various visual fixes (color & font harmonization)
  • Better orientation management (especially on tablets)
  • Correction of a bug that was misrouting the user after a strategy stop
  • Fixed a bug that occurred after a strategy refill
  • Improvement of the launch screen
  • Fixed a bug occurring at the first login or when the user loses his connection
  • Fixed a bug on graphs display
  • Improvement of the display of the cases Missing API key / No strategy running on the Strategies page
  • Fixed a bug in the "Hide dust" parameter that became inoperative after a logout/login
  • Fixed a bug in the display of the keyboard in landscape mode
  • Fixed a bug on the buy/sell notification deactivation setting
  • Fixed a bug on PnL calculation of live strategies
  • Improved coins display in the Wallet
  • Global navigation improvement
  • Date display improvement (uniformity)

Feel free to join us on our Telegram groups to share your opinion and feedback on these new features.

Thanks to our community, publishers and beta testers for helping us improve the platform.

Happy Trading,

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