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Variables on Kryll: A Huge Leap in how you Customize your Crypto Trading Bots

We are delighted to present the latest update to the platform that will delight traders of all levels, from beginners to the most seasoned algo-traders.

The Kryll team has worked hard to meet the growing expectations of the community, and it is with pleasure that we are unveiling two new features today that will transform your trading bot building experience, with the introduction of custom variables in your trading algorithms, and the ability to trade a percentage of the initial capital when making your positions. These innovations will change the way you interact with your trading bots and give you unprecedented freedom in customizing your trading algos!

Create and Manipulate your Kryll Variables

In the field of programming, the variable is a key concept. It represents a box in which you can store information, data, and use it as you need. So imagine being able to create and manipulate your own variables in your trading bots with Kryll's no-code editor in a few clicks, and use this data to refine your strategies. This is precisely what the 'Variable Operation' block allows you to do.

Whether you want to record the current price of an asset, keep track of the Return on Investment (RoI) of your strategy, or any other information relevant to your trading strategy, or even calculate a break-even stop, the Variable Operation block is there to help. Initialize your variables, store data and perform arithmetic operations between them in a few minutes and create even more complex and personalized trading strategies thanks to this new flexibility.

Exploit your Kryll Variables

The 'Variable Test' block complements this new arsenal by offering you the possibility to test the value of your variables. Thus, you can compare your variables with each other or with system variables. With this block, you can test whether the current price of an asset has increased or decreased compared to the price you recorded during your last trade, compare the value of a counter with a specific value to create a 'for' loop, adapt your stop-loss according to the leverage used, or even compare the number of your winning and losing trades to adjust your money management strategy.

With this new feature, your strategy becomes a real little computer capable of making more intricate decisions and in a more precise manner.

Improve your positions on Kryll

With this update, the Buy, Long and Short blocks also acquire a new feature. It is now possible for you to express the size of a position and a purchase as a percentage of the initial capital and no longer only as a percentage of the remaining capital.

The subtlety may seem minor but it opens up a whole new range of possibilities for your trading bots. The importance of this feature lies in its ability to simplify accumulation loops, DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging), martingale strategies, etc... For example; if you set up an accumulation loop during a bearish period, you can choose to use a fixed percentage of your starting capital for each purchase instead of having to duplicate your conditions and calculate the new percentage for each step.

But as "a good sketch is better than a long speech", here is a precise example of what this novelty brings. This simple 5-level accumulation strategy required no less than 25 blocks to be completed.

Example of accumulation strategy before the option existed: many blocks are replicated.

With this new option, not only does the strategy now require only 12 blocks to be implemented, but it also becomes much more readable, modular, and easy to maintain!

The same strategy with the new option percentage of Initial Capital.

Kryll's Secret Weapon: Its Community

The addition of customizable variables and capital-based trading on the platform marks a real (r)evolution in the way you can customize your trading strategies. The combination of these features provides you with an unprecedented latitude to design, test, and implement precise trading strategies that are tailored to your needs in a free, quick, and visual way! These new features perfectly illustrate the ongoing commitment of the Kryll community towards the dev team and the commitment of the Kryll team to offer its community ever more powerful and innovative tools.

The introduction of these features simplifies and optimizes the process of creating trading bots, making the platform even more attractive for traders at all levels. Whether you are a novice trader looking to take your first steps in the world of algorithmic trading, or an experienced algo-trader in search of more efficient tools to fine-tune your strategies, the platform now gives you the power to do so with even greater ease and precision.

Beyond these technological advances, what truly makes strong is the community of passionate traders who support it. Whatever challenges the sector may face, we hold the course and your feedback, expectations, and suggestions will continue to fuel our motivation to develop the platform and evolve it according to your needs.

There is no doubt that this update is a big step forward. We are excited to see how you will use these new features to customize your trading bots and develop even more effective trading strategies.

Stay tuned, because we are already hard at work on exciting new features that will continue to transform your trading experience on The best is yet to come!

Happy Trading,

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