Wait Block

WAIT block - This block allows you to wait for a defined time before validating. It can be used in 3 different ways:

1 - Used alone

It acts like a timer, when the set time is up, the strategy continues.

Defines how long the strategy should wait before continuing to execute the subsequent blocks.

2 - Integrated in an AND block

In an AND block, all conditions must be validated before the strategy can proceed. Positioned in an AND block it will act as a delay: the strategy must wait for the time set in the wait block before validating the other conditions.

If the price is below $1000 and it lasted 30 minutes then sell 100% of the wallet.

3 - Connected to an OR block

If the other blocks connected to the "OR" block do not fulfill their condition in the time elapsed then the strategy will continue on the path of the wait block.

ThereIf after 30 hours the price has not increased by 10% then buy more.

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