You can now purchase KRL with a credit card

The trading platform is celebrating its first year anniversary since public launch by adopting payment by credit card! You will now be able to buy your KRL with your credit/debit card.

The KRL token that is required to pay the platform fees can now be purchased simply via credit card Visa or Mastercard (in EUR/USD/GBP/CHF as well as 8 other currencies). You will then be able to recharge your Kryll account in a few moments!

This new purchasing system is provided by our partner Indacoin, which has been offering its high-performance, secure and fast payment solution since 2015.

This is in addition to the current methods of acquiring KRL, i.e. either via exchanges (Hitbtc or Liquid) or swaps using the Coingate service (temporarily unavailable).

KRL Wallet

To discover this new purchase method, go directly to the "Wallet KRL" section of your Kryll account or to the following address.

Tutorial : How to purchase KRL with your credit card

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