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The website "" has been implemented for several months and integrated into our Telegram Kryll bot but this tool deserved an official article. New users will be able to understand it better and regular customers will be able to use it outside the official Telegram Chan of Kryll by communicating directly with it.

What is it useful for?

It is a live monitoring tool that checks in real time the best strategies of the Kryll marketplace while it is running and according to the chosen coin

This will allow you to have a quick overview of the strategies that are successful!

With this tool, you may find it easier to choose the appropriate strategy with the additional help of the tutorial on the checklist before launching a strategy

How to access it?

Use your web browser

Go to

Example: we have below the best strategies on the coin USDT:

Communicate directly with the official Kryll's Telegram bot

With simple key command, our official Kryll's bot @KryllBot, a bot (see definition here) of the social network Telegram, allows you to get an overview of the best strategy at the moment based on the targeted coin

A few steps to get there (see video below):

  • Go to our official channel and/or search exactly "@KryllBot".
    The administrator mention proves its authenticity
  • Activate for the first time the communication with the bot if it is not already done. Then, type the command "/strat eth" to find the best Kryll strategy of the current time that trade ethereum in this case and "/strat btc" for bitcoin...etc

We can conclude that "," a monitoring tool for Kryll users' live trading, can be a valuable help before launching a strategy

For a quick search for the best live Kryll strategy of the moment for a targeted coin, preferred maybe the @KryllBot bot on Telegram

If you have a little more time and with more choices of strategies, you can perhaps consult the website on your web browser and find for example the best strategies to accumulate ETH or even USDT as part of the diversification of strategies (see dedicated article)

This tool can therefore reassure by displaying the real performances of's clients

This feedback of results can give more legitimacy to the Publishers of the Marketplace on their work of developing strategies created from the backtests from the Kryll strategy editor and improved with the feedback of user experiences

Happy trading,

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