All Pairs Multibacktest: The Ultimate Tool for In-Depth Pair Research

We are delighted to announce a new enhancement to our MultiBacktest feature thanks to the involvement of the Kryll community! Many of our users have asked us about the possibility of backtesting all the pairs of an exchange platform to analyse their strategies more efficiently.

Backtesting is a critical component in the world of trading, especially when it comes to refining and validating trading strategies. It involves simulating a strategy on historical data to gauge its potential effectiveness in real-world scenarios. By backtesting, traders can identify strengths and weaknesses in their strategies, allowing them to make informed decisions and adjustments before deploying them in live markets and we've just made it easier here at Kryll.

A look back at MultiBT

In case you missed it, we rolled out the MultiBacktest feature in May 2023, offering our users the ability to run backtests using their trading bots on multiple crypto-currencies assets simultaneously. This was a leap in cryptocurrency trading backtesting, as Kryll is the first crypto bot platform to offer the ability for users run multiple backtests and save them from having to tediously run a backtest one by one.

The following month, we extended this functionality to all users on the Kryll Marketplace. This feature has proven to be a valuable time-saving solution, simplifying the backtesting of trading strategies on various pairs with minimal effort.

MultiBT functionality for in-depth pair searching

You can now run a backtest on a wide range of pairs in just a few clicks. Gone are the days when you had to laboriously select a maximum of 12 pairs one by one; you can now effortlessly backtest all the pairs on a given exchange platform that have a base token in common. This feature allows you, for example, to backtest all the /USDT pairs on Coinbase or all the /BTC pairs on Binance in one go.

What is the cost of MultiBTs in All Pairs mode on Kryll.io?

MultiBTs in All Pairs mode are charged at a rate of $0.01 per backtest, while standard MultiBTs are charged at a rate of $0.05 per backtest.

Is it possible to launch a MultiBT in All Pairs mode on trading strategies from the Kryll.io Marketplace?

The MultiBT All Pairs function is available to everyone, including Marketplace users.

How to launch a MultiBT in All Pairs mode on Kryll?

Launching an All Pairs MultiBT is a snap!
1) First, go to the editor or the backtest section of your favorite Marketplace strategy and click on the "MultiBT" button next to the regular backtest button:

2) Tick the "All pairs" box, which allows you to pick a common base instead of up to 12 regular pairs

How can I track the progress of my Kryll.io All Pairs MultiBTs?

Your MultiBT session can now be found in a dedicated tab, enabling you to review your past MultiBT sessions. To get there, click on "MultiBT" under the "My Strategies" section, which lets you see all your MultiBacktests and monitor their ongoing progress.

What does the All Pairs MultiBT bring to Kryll.io?

After finishing your All Pairs MultiBT session, you have the ability to view the performance percentages for each pair. In the case of a strategy belonging to you, you can also delve into the backtests for these pairs by using the slider on the right-hand side to unveil the editor, allowing you to explore their behaviour directly! This feature enables you to gain a deeper understanding of how your strategy performs across different pairs, make necessary adjustments, and save valuable time.

Reminder: If you would also like to contribute to the community by sharing your ideas, we invite you to join us on Discord and Telegram.


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