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Botcrypto Migrates to Kryll Following the Closure of its Service

Many Botcrypto users have recently noticed that the Botcrypto.io site is now redirecting to Kryll.io. If you're wondering why this redirection is taking place and what it means for Botcrypto users, read on to discover the important details of this transition and what it means for your crypto-currency trading experience.

Has Botcrypto.io shut down?

Does the Botcrypto.io website still exist? Launched in 2017, Botcrypto offered a crypto-currency trading bot creation tool. However, in a statement on August 18, the team announced that their service would end on September 30, 2023, due to problems with the company's profitability. With fewer and fewer people available to develop the site, and updates becoming increasingly rare, the team took the decision to close Botcrypto before the quality of their service began to deteriorate.

Following the closure of their platform, we reached an agreement with the Botcrypto team to migrate their users to our crypto trading bot creation platform, Kryll.io.

Why is Kryll the best alternative to Botcrypto?

Kryll is the ideal alternative to Botcrypto, offering a rewarding experience in automated trading.

Remarkable power of the Kryll editor

Its trading bot editor, the most advanced on the market, simplifies the creation of strategies without the need for coding skills, thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, similar to that of Botcrypto. Kryll also excels in the use of variables for customized strategies with infinite possibilities, as well as the integration of external signals such as TradingView via webhooks.

A comprehensive backtesting tool for in-depth analysis of your strategies

Kryll's free backtesting tool stands out for its power, offering detailed analysis and strategy testing over long periods. For more advanced features, Kryll offers MultiBT, an asynchronous backtesting tool with a pay-per-use model, enabling simultaneous testing of bots on multiple cryptocurrencies in the background.

A marketplace of strategies created by passionate traders

Kryll's Marketplace adds a collaborative dimension to the platform, providing access to strategies developed by an active community of traders. This feature is ideal for all levels of trader, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and innovation.

What does this imply for Botcrypto users?

The Botcrypto team, in close collaboration with Kryll, is fully committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the Kryll.io platform for their users. This includes providing ongoing customer support, as well as sharing in-depth tutorials, specifically created to help users adapt to Kryll's functionality.

In addition, the Kryll team is committed to providing a dedicated tutorial, enabling Botcrypto users to easily convert their trading bots into Kryll-compatible bots.

Our dedicated customer support team is always ready and willing to assist former Botcrypto users with sincerity and commitment. Our aim is to enable these users to fully exploit the power and advanced features of Kryll, ensuring not only an optimal and rewarding user experience, but also a smooth continuation of their automated trading adventure.

A new era for former Botcrypto users

The transition from Botcrypto.io to Kryll.io represents an exciting new era for former Botcrypto users. With its advanced trading bot editor, comprehensive backtesting tools and community marketplace, Kryll is positioned as a must-have platform for automated trading. Don't wait any longer, start automated trading right now by registering with Kryll by clicking here.


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