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We are many publishers to have difficulties of organization and visualization on certain parts of groups of blocks. So this article can help you to solve these difficulties.

The GOTO block allows you to jump from one block to another

  • Ideal for organizing groups of blocks and reducing "bags of knots."
    In other words, the 'GoTo' block allows you to go directly to a destination block without having to draw a new arrow.
  • You can now see the connections between a GoTo block and the destination block by pressing the "g" key.
  • You can (optionally) customize a note linked to this block by editing the "Custom label" field (by default "my note")

The typical use case is the separation between the group of blocks with a strong buy signal and the group with a dominant sell signal on a strong sell signal and/or sales by "take profit" during a pump (see photo below of the Slow Motion Trader Strategy blocks with the addition of GoTo blocks which will make the link between these two groups).

We separate the buying part from the selling part for more readability

The benefits are better reading and understanding, even perhaps easier collaboration between multiple publishers in a common strategy.

The disadvantage is a short adaptation period to find GoTo block shortcuts.

To facilitate the adaptation to this block, on the photo above we can use the block "i" information "sell group" as a complement to notify the destination block "OR" to the GoTo block previously noted, "sell group."

To conclude
We can notice that when creating a strategy, kryll provides practical comfort tools such as the GoTo block which improves not only the organization of the blocks but also the user experience of the publisher.

Thus, strategy creation takes on another dimension with a global vision of trading mechanics and a ambition to simplify the structure and links between blocks such as GoTo block and the "Check pair" block, which is essential to the muti launcher that we will develop in a future article.

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