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How to add your Binance Asymmetric API key to your Kryll account

Binance has recently changed its security rules for API keys to move to API keys using an asymmetric RSA encryption system. Here's how to create your own and add it to Kryll so that your accounts are/remain linked:

Add Binance Fast API key

Before you start this tutorial, be aware that Kryll is now compatible with Binance Fast API feature, which offers the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy connection in just a few clicks
  • No 90-day validity limit
  • Enhanced API security

We highly recommend that you follow the Fast API key tutorial if you are not using the Binance sub-account functionality. Otherwise, please read on and follow the tutorial below.

1. Go on you API Management page

On Binance, go to "API Management " in "Profile" and click on "Create API"

2. Create a new RSA API key

Choose "Self-generated API key" and click on next.

3. Copy the kryll public key

Go to Kryll in the "Account" tab, click on "Binance" in the right section "Connect to your exchanges" and click on "Copy to clipboard" to copy the public key Binance needs.

Kryll Public Key:
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

4. Provide it to Binance

Paste this key in the dedicated window on Binance and click on next.

5. Name your API key.

Enter a name for your API key (example: Kryll) then click next and complete the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

6. Set the API rights

Now click on "edit restrictions", leave the "Read only" and "Enable Spot & margin Trading" boxes checked. Also leave the IP restriction set to "Unrestricted".

7. Register you RSA API key on Kryll.io

Then go back to the Kryll page and enter your "API Key" that you just created on Binance. To complete the process, click on the "Ok" button.

Well done!

Your Binance API key is now linked to your Kryll account! It will appear under the "Exchanges" block where you can remove it from your account if necessary.

You are ready to get down to the real thing! If you're new to Kryll, don't hesitate to visit our tutorials page, you'll find everything you need!

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